Angela Kay Austin wrote a historical.


A good friend of mine and an author is dropping a new book.

Angela Kay Austin took romance up a notch and wrote a hella good historical. Check out her link below to read the excerpt.

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Life is filled with – What if’s…

While writing one book I had a dream about another. Now, I’m not sure if it was the influence of the ID channel because I prefer the thrill of detective shows and who dun it’s while writingn or if I was suddenly channeling another character out of the blue. Regardless, Francois Allurd had a hold of me and he wasn’t about to let go until I told his story. I wasn’t sure about the tale he spun but I decided to write it out and let the words take me where they wanted to go. I gotta say I found the story intriguing.  Death, survivors remorse, a haunting and it was all tied together by the love of two men for one woman.

In the end can a man give up everything including his life because of the guilt cause by the loss of another and can love bridge that abyss to keep him grounded to this world?

Its the most wonderful time of the year…Merry Christmas!

It took over 300 days but we got here, unscathed mostly.  2016 has not been an easy year, regardless, Christmas is just that Christmas and there is no dismissing the sheer joy of the holiday. Every year I write a story to celebrate the holiday season.  This year I wanted to focus on the funny. How relationships can make you laugh and Jingle Bells was born. Originally the title was Jingle Balls but I was talked out of that name, some folks didn’t find it as entertaining as I did. I took my inspiration from various family interactions and added in a sprinkle of  angst. Let’s face it, every family has their issues but when you meet the one person that can dim those family problems and be a shelter in the storm, well, that can be an unexpected gift.

Meet Essie, Elias and Emun and take the roller coaster ride that happens when a little white lie becomes one whale of a whopper mis-truth. Sometimes the deception of love can become the real thing.


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Rising Sun and Bad Guys Who Know How to be Good. They just don’t want to.

I love bad hero’s there is something about the redemption of a man. If you have read my books then you know bad men -not boys- are my thing.  They tend to give zero fucks about anything until they are forced too and even they it’s usually because of the woman that they want, need, must have.

There is usually a quiet strength about my dark hero’s, they can be utter assholes and yet somehow you like them. And even I’m trying to understand why. LOL. In my latest release – Rising Sun – Karakurenia Ryu is no different. He saw the woman he was sure was meant for him and took her. Seriously no one does that in this day and age. But he did and because he is Yakuza he had the power to back up his actions.  And so the story of 7 Days unfolds. Can you love a man that kidnaps you? or do you walk away and never look back.

Karakurenia was a lot of fun to write and Noemelee was no pushover. I find the best stories happen when the characters don’t let you sleep. Enjoy Rising Sun.


Blurb  –
She stepped off the plane and into Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. Noemelee Anderson had a client with security issues that wouldn’t allow her to access them remotely so she traveled halfway around the world to fix his server.
In a foreign land steeped in culture she is unfamiliar with, she has no idea where to begin or how to speak the language. The unknown is not something she is prepared for. Get in, take care of business, and get out, back to US soil.
Her kidnapping was not on the agenda. And the man that takes her…Karakurenia Ryu (Crimson Dragon) is one of the most powerful Yakuza Lords in Tokyo and he will not be denied.

Sex sells…maybe renting is better. Isn’t that illegal?

Hi! Kassanna is allowing me to hijack her blog and I have no idea what to write or if folks would even be interested in what I have to say. But – here goes.

I wrote a book.

A lot of people have asked me – Is it good? Well yeah, of course I’m biased but with some help from really great authors like Kassanna, Renee Micheal, Phoenix Daniels and AncelliI, believe I have produced the very best to I could.

This book was birthed from one of my deepest fantasies and I publicly admit I am a freak but hey we all have our vices. The heroine is my alter ego (I wish) She totally accepts who she is and is never apologetic about it. While the hero is a tad narcissistic – at least he is working on that fault. Together they make was hell of an explosive couple because when he makes up his mind it is absolute and although she has never given in to anyone before…look at me I’m so excited about my release I am giving the plot away.

So yes I am a new author. Yes, this is my first book and let me tell you this I put everything I had into Sinners Circle because giving no less than my best is not an option to me. I truly hope you enjoy the story – this couple is my favorite ❤ probably because they are my first but definitely not my last.


Blurb –

A simple job.
Write an expose about a club – Erotes

Tasked with the assignment, Nate Macalister found a way into the hottest venue on the East Coast. His cover is too good. He’s selected to be a member of the more exclusive Sinner’s Circle where he meets her…

Syria Baz is club Madame. Erotes is fun but in Sinner’s Circle anything goes. Sex is just another form of entertainment until a new member blows her mind.

He has a job to do and she has a secret.
To expose her would leave her vulnerable. At the risk of losing everything important to him he chooses to protect her.

To sin is human…to forgive is divine.
***Warning – Explicit Sex Scenes****

Sinners Circle

Link –

There is something about a man in authority.

Have you ever seen a well dressed man? I mean maybe you were running errands and saw a guy in uniform. Did you stop and stare. Unable to look away like a deer caught in the glow of bright headlights. A man in a well cut suit or uniform is crazy sexy. I saw an undercover cop at some bust or whatever on the street one day. I was the bystander but to see this man strut like he had no fucks left to give. I don’t know if I was attracted by the clothes encasing the body or the attitude the wore draped around him like armor. But -I was inspired y’all.

Because of that glimpse of his stalking to an unmarked vehicle the creative juices flowed and my finger tips started to itch. That was the beginning of Cops – The Duology. I released Dick N’ Dirty last year as part of a small anthology. But that story was part of a larger one. I originally planned to release that novella with another one base on his partner. It took a while but I am able to bring these two story’s together in one book.

Welcome to my version of Cops – (Humming) Bad boys, bad boys what ya gonna do? What yo gonna do when they come for you…


Dick N Dirty **** This story is a re-release****
As a police officer Richard “Dick” Livingston responded to a call and handled the situation. Problem was…he couldn’t get the image of the sexy perpetrator out of his head. His visceral reaction to her made him want to find out more about her…to find Dirty. And once he did, he couldn’t walk away from her.

Indiana “Dirty” Mixon, had her reasons for trying to beat the hell out of her brother with a bat. What she didn’t expect was to find the arresting officer, Dick, in her tattoo shop asking to inked. She didn’t have time to care. Now she had bigger problems to solve thanks to him. Perhaps if they met under different circumstances…
He wouldn’t leave her alone but did she really want him too?

Maybe Baby
Jethro “Andy” Andersen had no choice but to return home. Grudgingly. Almost ten years ago, he fled leaving everything behind and never looked back. The ghosts he left were calling him home and the one person he never wanted to see again is waiting for him.

Silacious Boudreaux did the unthinkable. She married her lovers best friend but she had her reasons. Just when she thought she would never see Jethro again he comes home. Hard as she tries, he can’t be avoided. Now the secrets she thought she would take to the grave are coming back to haunt her.

Asian Persuasion is out! Both the Beginning and the Ending


It took me a while to between releases. I know and I’m sorry.  The Ending is a continuation of the The Beginning. I would like to add something though – I didn’t rush the book at least I don’t believe I did. Some characters failed o make it into the Epilogue because they no longer mattered to Choi Jin Woo or Anjula. Some folks may not understand this so let me clarify. I write the story the characters tell me. I don’t plot or plan any book. What I do is sit down at my laptop, close my eyes and pray what the characters say will make sense. In that aspect, thank God for crit partners and editors. I adore my characters and I end stories when they stop talking to me.

That being said if they resume conversations – ah hell yeah – I will continue on where we left off. The voices in my head and I have a beautiful relationship that I am thankful for.

So, getting back to AP. I can honestly say I didn’t expect the villain to be who it was and that did catch me off guard. I also didn’t expect secondary characters to claim so much interest. I also want to add that Chairman Choi was by far my favorite character. Anyway I”l let you judge for yourselves. I hope you enjoy the book. 🙂 Oh and I suggest you start with the beginning.


I fight with words. – Flora/Bama Line excerpt.

I was working on one thing (Asian Persuasion, which will release this month.) and got distracted by the characters of another story…So here goes a excerpt from Flora/Bama Line. Racial tensions I’m witnessing  from the election coverage prompted this particular scene. Earlier today on social media I saw a video of a girl getting booted from a Trump Rally in KY. Those men did nothing to protect that woman and the comments that she deserved to be pushed and shoved for daring to attend the event…for some reason I felt I had to right that in my own way. There are good and bad in every race but I am truly fearful that the good will get trampled as the bad prevail. Anyway this is my two cents enjoy the snippet. This book will release after AP. Happy Wednesday.


Dyson swung his line out into the water. The red stripped bobbin dipped then floated on the glass like lakes surface. he stared out into the tree line watching the tops of the scrub pine sway. Alone with his thoughts all he could think about was a cute little photographer with a foul mouth. He snorted, she wasn’t exactly little but hell, she was smaller than him.

Dyson sucked air through his teeth, a couple of catfish would be great, There was till some shrimp in the freezer from his daddy’s last trip to the coast. Some catfish coubion over rice…his mouth watered at the thought. He took a deep breath, leaned back in his chair and shut his eyes. This was the life.

Engines roaring maybe him sit up, searching for the source of the noise. Two four wheeler’s barreled toward the dock, his cousins, David and Solomon whooping and hollering as they road.

Dirt and gravel kicked up as they abruptly stopped. The guys glanced around before waving at Dyson. They gave each other high fives before getting off the vehicles. Dyson shook his head, his patience was thin when the twin idiots were around.

“Hey cousin! You vote?” Solomon yelled as she stomped down the deck.

“He probably voted for them liberals.” David answered loudly lose on his brothers heels. “Ole Dyson has always been a little different, look how he treats that black girl…the one that takes all those pictures.”

They stopped in next to Dyson, shading him from the suns rays. Their references to Miranda sent a sliver of anger coursing along his nerves. He removed his baseball cap and scrubbed his scalp with is fingers. “Leave you scarring my dinner away.” He didn’t bother looking their way.

“Cousin if you ain’t voted you need to mama said we need to make America great again.” David squatted.

“America is already great you blockhead. I wouldn’t have given up eight years of my life for it if it wasn’t.” Dyson set the pole in the metal holder bolted to the dock’s edge. “You boys are all talk. I didn’t see either of you enroll to serve our county and as granny likes to say charity begins at home.”

“You just making excuses cause you like them – umm- minorities that are taking over our country.” Solomon snickered. “We’d have more if they didn’t take it all.”

“More of what?” Dyson sighed. They weren’t leaving and if they kept talking their asses would ed up swimming today cause he would be the one shoving them in the water. “You two never aspired to do better than a high school education and you work for my mama. Exactly who took what? From where I’m sitting you don’t have a damn thing worth taking.”

“You like a black woman.” David sputtered.

“That’s the best retort you can come up with? I need to ask granny if she’s sure Aunt Katrina didn’t marry a distant cousin. For the record your named after black men.” That should send them on their way. They would have questions for their mama which would save him from having to pull them out of the lake after pushing them in.

“That is not true. We are named from great men in the bible!’ David stood.

Solomon nodded vigorously. “That’s right!”

“Those men were in Egypt and I ain’t never seen no fair skinned blued man come from Egypt.” Dyson shook his head. “Do you even know where Egypt is?”

Solomon brows rose up on his forehead. “Yes.”

“Where?” Dyson pressed hi lips together to keep from smiling. He shouldn’t laugh but how could his aunt be so damn different from his daddy.

“Umm.’ David peered at Solomon.

Dyson rose. He left his cooler in the truck and suddenly he was thirsty. “Start with the Bible then read everything you can get you hands on. That way you may make an educated decision.” He pushed past his cousin sending David stumbling into the water. Dyson stared at Solomon until the younger man lowered his head. “And fish your brother out of the water.”

Who doesn’t want a bad boy…

The Bad Boys of Boston are here!

They survived the hellish upbringing at the hands of their father. Cruel, mean, their only concern is each other and have no fucks left to give until…

Meet the O’Shea Brothers



Kieran – By Kassanna
People call me crazy…how can the devil’s son be sane? Ruthless, merciless- psychopath, I revel in the fear I inspire. Those who stood against us will pay. I have always watched out for my brothers, their pain is my pain. Nothing will ever stop my vengeance. Look into my eyes and know it’s already too late. I know who I am and what I want – I don’t ask for anything. I will just take it and once claimed, I dare anyone to come at me…I am Kieran O’Shea and hell is my playground.


Shannon – By Shara Azod
My likes are fuck you, what the fuck you want to know for, and just using the word “fuck”. My hobbies are fighting, fucking, and kicking ass. I never wanted friends. Women? I enjoy them if I’m not busy. I have my brothers and they’re all I need. If you think to test me, regret will be the last emotion you’ll feel. Fear me. Hate me. But you will respect me. Anything else may get you killed…The name is Shannon O’Shea and I’m the last man you ever want for an enemy.


Fionn – Marteeka Karland
Ice fills my soul. Nothing matters to me but my brothers. I’d kill for them. Every death chips away at the hint of humanity still clinging to me. And when the day comes to pay for my misdeeds… I don’t think about that….Until then I will bask in my transgressions allowing the passion of my chaos to keep me warm. I’m the thing you fear when darkness surrounds you. If you’re in my crosshairs, you’re as good as dead. My other name is death, I am Fionn O’Shea. I’ll bring your pain. I am your suffering.


Conall – Reana Malori
I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing hiding in plain sight. My dual nature allows me to walk in two worlds. I take every opportunity to play on the dark side. The world is my stage and the people my prey. Always on the hunt, I’m the one you don’t expect until it’s too late and my 9mm is at your temple. Darkness claims my soul and has molded me into who I am. But to my brothers I am whole, even human and that’s all that matters. Call me Conall O’Shea, the damaged, cold, and ruthless killer.


All the books can be found on Amazon under the heading Irish Sugar –

Asian Persuasion – The Ending (Chapter One) – Thank you!

Hello my friends and readers.

I’m sorry that the second half to AP is a little behind. I am currently cleaning it up now for release next month. To thank you for your patience with me I am post the first chapter unedited. Thank you so much for hanging in there with me as I strive to give you the very best of me. Have a fantastic week! I hope you enjoy it. Just a thought but maybe Anjula’s stalker isn’t someone you know…


Chapter One

Anjula glanced around the club. Bass in the music made the wall thump and the dancefloor was crowded with writhing bodies moving to the beat. Bai Lin was on the outside of a group rolling her hips and swinging her hands above her head. Several men surrounded her but her friend didn’t show any interest in the people circling her.

She and Bai Lin were having a nice dinner when her bestie had an idea and as usual she went along with it. Not for her sake but for Bai’s, she did not want to make an early morning visit to the police station to bail her buddy out. So far she’d declined a few drinks and offers to dance.

Bai dropped into the seat next to her, took one look at Anjula’s drink and waved her hand. “Two more Long Island ice teas please”.

Anjula stared at her friend. “You do realize if we keep this up we won’t make it home”.

“There is a very nice hotel next door.” Bai shrugged. “So we stumble down the sidewalk and get us a room. Sleep it off”. Her bestie wasn’t behaving like she usually did and hadn’t been ever since Jay arrived in town. “See I have a contingency plan for everything.”

The server arrived with fresh drinks and set them down with the slip to sign for the. A quick scribble and Bai was out of her seat again. “I love this song!” She grabbed Anjula by the hand and yanked her up out the seat. They pressed through the mob to the center of the floor. “Shake that ass, show ‘em what you working with.” Bai yelled.

She couldn’t help the smile that lifted her lips. leave it to her friend to find the most outrageous way to cheer her up. She’d been sticking close to home only leaving her house to go to work since the episode with the funeral flowers. Through everything Jin Woo was understanding, he was like a piece of chewing gum stuck to her. Anjula closed her eyes and his image filled her mind. This was the first time in a few weeks that he wasn’t in close proximity. He definitely needed a break from all her drama which was why she’d agreed to go out with Bai Lin. Slowly she gyrated her hips getting a feel for the rhythm created by the song. Someone bump up against her and she shifted easing away from the person invading her space.

It was nice to forget about everything but the right then. She swayed letting the music soothe her battered soul. Anjula shook her head, she wouldn’t think about the person threatening her. They didn’t deserve that kind of power over her. It was bad enough the idiot kept coming at her and the police, they were no help telling her to wait until the criminal made a mistake. Stalking laws were shitty and that was putting it nicely but as the cop pointed out they had no one to focus on to begin with. Bile rose up burning her throat, she stopped moving and cover ed her mouth. Maybe coming out wasn’t the greatest idea.

She was in public and no one would bother her or would they? Anjula’s lids snapped open, self-conscious, panic slithered along her nerves. She ran forward slamming into another person. The dancer looked her up and down before a sly smile spread across his mouth but didn’t quite reach his eyes. She nodded and mouthed an apology, easing to the side to slip past him.

He wrapped cold fingers around her wrist and jerked her back. “Hey beautiful, dance with me.” A mix of alcohol was rich on his breath.

The smell made her gag. “Another time.’ She yanked her arm.

“Now is as good a time as any.” He lurched forward trapping her limb between them. “Right?”

This was not good. She glanced around searching or Bai and spotted her buddy dancing on the other side of the floor. Her belly roiled, saliva pooled in her mouth she was going to be sick. “Not really.”

His hand slid down her back resting on the top of her ass. “If you have a better idea gorgeous I am open to suggestions.”

She leaned in, pressing against his cheek. “I will throw-up all over you in a minute if you don’t let me go.”

He gazed at her through narrowed eyes.

She held his gaze and swallowed back the vomit threatening to erupt from her.

“You heard the woman.” A deep voice came from behind her.

The guy released her arm and shoved her back. “You’re not even cute anyway” He commented with sneer before walking away.

Anjula stumbled back and strong hand curled around her biceps. “Careful.”

She spun around to find detective Moore peering down at her. “Interesting meeting you here Dr. Mathews. I’m surprise you ventured out alone.”

“I’m here with friends.” She discreetly pulled from his embrace “What brings you to a club?”

“Everyone gets time off doctor. What better way than to let off a little steam?” He tightened his arm around her waist and swayed to the music. “Hell of a coincidence meeting you here.”

His presence wasn’t inspiring confidence. All she wanted to do was get off the dance floor and away from people.

Detective Moore maneuvered them. “I’ve been watching you.”

“And that’s supposed to make me feel better?” She patted his chest. His words came across ore like a threat than reassurance. “At least you’re doing your job, maybe you’ll actually catch my stalker.”

“I wonder…” He covered her hand with his. “As a psychologist you would know how o manipulate the people around you to appear as a victim.”

Her anger sparked, “You’ve found me out. Oh my God! Was I so obvious – my cravings for attention? Really I just wanted you to notice me detective…” Anjula sighed deeply. “I just can’t hide my feeling for you anymore. Save me.”

“I guess you’ll cover your tracks anyway you can.” He cleared his throat. “Playing with police is serious. Keep it up and you won’t like what happens.”

“Join the list of assholes threatening me.” She scoffed. “Help me find the perpetrator instead of adding to my issues.”

“I have a pretty good handle on what’s happening.” Detective Moore chuckled. “I only have to wait for you to make a mistake.” He dropped his arms. “After all everyone makes mistakes.”

“I could report you for harassment.”

“Who would believe you? A black woman against a decorated policeman. One of Sugarland’s finest.” He held her gaze. “Stop wasting valuable resources and take care of your problems without involving law enforcement.

Where was his aggression coming from? She lifted her chin. “Fuck you.”

He shook his head, “Is that the best you got because I have heard worse. He spun on his heel and ambled away.

She watched him saunter away, his shoulders straight as if he didn’t have a care in the world. She was tired. Anjula marched in the opposite direction of the detective, stalking the floor for Bai Lin. She found her friend at their table with two men. Bai peered up at her with a goofy smile. “Hey I was looking for you and found these brothers instead. Cute huh”

“I’m tired and ready to go”. Anjula wouldn’t swear to it but she thought she saw relief in her friend’s eyes.

“Let us buy you another round.” The teller of the two men spoke up.

Bai rose and patted the fella’s shoulders “You heard her guys my friend is ready to go.” She locked arms with Anjula. Together they strolled toward the exit. The cool evening air greeted them as they walked outside. “Well this was a very interesting night. Who was the man you were talking too?”

“Here I thought you lost me.” Anjula grinned. She wouldn’t add to her friends worries.

“Are you drunk and crazy?” Bai snorted. “You were only out of my sight for a few minutes at most. If I let anything happen to you Oppa would be one very pissed off person. I can’t stand him when he gets that way, all grouchy and petulant. I already have one nightmare like that. I don’t need two”

Anjula hesitated. “Really who’s the other one?”

“Jay.” Bai stopped in front of the hotels automatic doors and they slid open. A woosh of air flowed over them from the interior.

“Want to talk about it? You and Jay.” Maybe she would finally get to the mystery history that the two shared.

“I’m tipsy not drunk so not really.” Bai waved a hand. “I’ll get us a room. Hey this will be just like our dorm days. Now those were good times”

“Yeah they were.” If only they could go back to those days when adulating wasn’t so damn hard.

In the room she just stripped down to her undies as she walked to the closest bed and crawled in. Anjula sat at the small table and looked out at the skyline through the open curtains. She reached for her purse and dug out her phone to send a quick text to Jin.

Are you enjoying your guy’s night out?

A thrilling evening reminiscing with Soju and beer. How is your night going?

I miss you. Why burden him by telling him about the cop.

Come home.

Nope – miss me.

“Go to sleep already your notification chimes are annoying.” Bai groused before turning over.

“Night Park Bai Lin,” Anjula sang the words.


“They’re both safely tucked in bed. Do you want to check into the hotel too? Jin Woo twisted in his seat and peered at his old friend

“Not necessary. I’m all for some Soju though?”

“Home it is.” Cai shook his head. “You say I have it bad?”

“I did this for you. You would have lost your damn mind if anything happened to Anjula. I practically had to break your arm to keep you from storming over to her and the cop.”

“She did good though didn’t she? Not once did she back down.” Pride was clear in his tone. “But she didn’t mention it just now.”

“If Anjula couldn’t have handled it I saw Bai watching her. Anything happened and that cop wouldn’t have made it out of the club.”

“Maybe not but I noticed three men shadowing him. Bai couldn’t have taken them all on.”

Damian stared at Jin through cold eyes. “That my friend would have been extenuating circumstances which would have called for our interference”

“Brother you got it way worse than I do. Just put your foot down and tell Park Bai Lin how it’s going to be.” Cai laughed loudly

“You do know realize this is Bai we’re talking about. Ms. I can’t be with you because my family wouldn’t understand.” Frustration colored Jays tone.

Jin had heard it all his life. The pedigree of marriage, she must behave a certain way. Have a specific amount of money and connections to further their business background and bank accounts. There was strength in marital bonds and more times than he cared to admit his family members married for reasons other than love. “You know our filial bonds.”

“You could care less about what people think especially family. Sometimes I think you purposely set out to piss them off.”

“True, but I am on a whole other level than you and I was raised under these expectations, which is why I give less than a damn.” Jin started the truck. “Sometimes I wish they would cut me off. Since my mom wasn’t what my family wanted it put double the pressure on me.”

“I wish Bai would say screw it and save us a lot of heart ache.”

“My cousin is a little off.” He’d tried to warn his friend years earlier when Jay first meant Bai Lin. Jay was lost the moment he saw her and for all the shit Bai Ln took him through, not matter where or what country she fled too Jay was never far behind.

“That’s what makes her fun.”

“I think you have taken one too many hits to the head.” He pulled into traffic.

“Let’s agree to disagree. I do have one question.”

“I’m listening.”

“Have you told your mother? If you haven’t – can I listen in when you do? Because that is a bout I would pay for.”

“Kiss my toned ass.” Anyone who knew him, knew his mother was not a subject he liked to discuss.

“Nothing can compare to my buns of steel.” Jay pressed the button and the window slid down. “It’s not my fault Choi May Ling is the Asian reincarnation of Mommy Dearest.”

“Do you want to walk back to Sugarland”

Jay peered over at him with an emotionless expression. “Just drive, flower boy.”

Truck headlights illuminated the white lines that bisected the high way. Immersed in his thoughts Jin didn’t speak on the trip from Houston to Sugarland and Jay stayed quiet also. His best friend was right, May Ling would force him to deal with her if he didn’t address her on his own and bring Anjula into the mix. She had enough on her plate. He could marry Anjula, his mother wouldn’t be able to dispute that. There was nothing she could do with him at all which was the source of her frustrations but he didn’t doubt she would try to make Anjula’s life hell. He needed a powerful ally and there was only one person in his family that could take on his mother, Chairman Choi. Jin tapped the steering wheel with is fingers. He would have to suck it up and have a conversation with his grandmother.