Going to bed will never be the same.

Remember lying in bed? You were young, a child, warm, snuggled up under thick covers. A small lamp on the night stand bathes your bed in a soft, reassuring glow.  Beside is your mother, or father, perhaps its your grandmother’s turn to read you a story. She pulls out a thick volume. The cover is brightly covered with animals, princes and princesses on the cover…

Who am I kidding? These ain’t no sweet ass fairy tales. They are twisted AF…hence the series name –

F’d Up Fairy Tales.

Although those saccharine, achingly, sweet stories  were the bases for these books I can promise you – grandma wouldn’t be reading them to you. You might want to settle in, grown folks style. Get under those covers with a toy or two and hunker down cause I’m not sure if your ready for this ride.

Check them out – https://ursulasinclair.wordpress.com/fupfairytales/

Yeah baby (in my best Austin Powers voice) I’m not sure if y’all are ready but these books are loaded and waiting.

Red is my take on Red Riding Hood – Yeah, no, its nothing like that story. Somehow I veered into some serious family drama and hot sex – well you gotta read it. In my world though, its not a bad thing to be a Wolf. Ha, ha!


Baddest Man Around

Hello Nurse…and Doctors…

My ode to Pinky and the Brain. LOL or was it the Animaniacs? I know I am showing my age.  But who didn’t like the siblings from hell or a mouse that wanted to take over the world? If I think about it I can still hear the theme songs. And this has nothing to do with my subject it was just a random thought.

Speaking of which – yeah my thoughts are all over the place but Infinity has a commercial I find panty dropping sexy. The guy is in a suit and he turns up the radio blasting –I’m the baddest man around – Yes, Lawd but he is smexy. Bobbing his head and mouthing the words. He pulls up and gazes out the window smiling. And who comes around the corner but some teenage girls waving and exclaiming – Hi Dad – That sexy man was all about family from the beginning.

Anywho, this leads me to my latest release. A short story titled One More Run. The hero is so low key I didn’t realize he was a hero. Zeke quietly handles his business. He’s the type you never see coming. Through the course of the book I slowly realized this a bad mutha- shut my mouth. My heroine is kick-ass but I have explained how I write them before however I have never written an understated hero. I will definitely be writing one again.

Check out the blurb –

Cherish “Roc” Greene did her time. She walked out of jail with the intent of joining her family and starting a new life. Her reality was completely different from dream. her daughter was in the hands of human traffickers and her grandfather had tried to save her child. They were both in trouble and it was up to Roc to come to the rescue.
And the only person that could help her was the man that betrayed her.
Zeke Hansen did what he had to do even if that meant making tough choices to ensure his family’s survival. Including letting his lover go to jail. Now, Roc was in trouble and he needed to set things right. If she would let him. Despite all that they had been through he still loved her and it was time to make her realize that. Even if it cost him his freedom…even if it cost him his life.

Here is the link. Let me know what you think. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071Y6K489/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1492828829&sr=8-1&keywords=Kassanna+One+More+Run


I want – no – need to say this…

Hey Friends,

I reserve this site to talk about books mine mostly and authors friends sometimes. Reading and writing takes me away from a sometimes painful reality. Politics is not something I discuss. Everyone has their own views and no matter how I feel I can respect that. But, the climate lately  is concerning to me. I deal with most ish by writing it out and this is no different, so here goes.

I’m going to throw this out there and stop reading me, disown me (for those family members that voted for 45) block me from social media But these are my feelings and since this is my forum.

We are going to lose healthcare coverage. That is a forgone conclusion. 45 was put into office because some were to damn lazy to get up and vote while others were pissed because their candidate didn’t get into the final run-off.

Democrats like to use minorities to further their agendas like any politician. No party is perfect because we don’t hold them accountable. But in my hearts of hearts I believe the Democratic party is probably the best option we have at the moment.

That said. Republicans basically own our asses because they do control a majority of the government -right now – so they can do what they like for their agenda leaving those of us in the lower and middle class to suffer because
1. We aren’t white
2. We aren’t rich and
3. Most of us aren’t old men.

Instead of standing together and hashing out our parties difference later. As my grandma used to say we put our business in the streets and divided our party. Republicans aren’t stupid they took advantage of our division and guess what. They united to put an orangutan in office. The zoo keepers aren’t in charge any more. Its more like the monkeys got all the keys to the cages.

But I digress.

To my original point – With the repeal of ACA no one is safe even those who have healthcare through employers. Honestly, most will probably lose the health care they have. It will be a painful, nauseating process giving some of us a death note because without insurance we can’t get the medicine, surgeries, help, needed to live. But this is what some American’s wanted. Maya Angelou said when someone shows you who they are believe them. 45 told you what he would do, that, I believe was the one honest thing he said during his candidacy. So don’t cry now about how any of this wasn’t expected. To quote my mama. “Bi&ch Please.”

This will be a humbling couple of years and maybe, Slapping my palms together and praying HARD, we can get our act together to take back Congress and the Representatives. Until then…well all we can do is wait and fight each battle as it comes. And for those of you that voted for 45 – I’m going to quote grandma again. “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.”

I have no pity for those that support hatred, and inequality. That train left the station on January, 20, 2017. I realize that in some of your eyes 45 can do no wrong which is why I’m going to sit back and sip my liquor laced tea because getting through the next four years will take herculean effort on the part of many of us. But let me remind you. He who laughs last…laughs first. And when karma comes to bite several folks in the ass I want to be rocking in my chair with my eyes wide open.

I will go back to our stand programming and post books cause yeah, they are my Valium. Later Gator.


Pack Rulez – Noir. The unexpected book.

When I originally planned Pack Rulez, it was only supposed to be about three brothers. I got the idea while watching a tv show on A&E network and thought…hmmm what if. Most of y’all know thats how all my books start out LOL. But Pack Rulez, that world grew. So large that there were spin off series and stand alone books. In my mind Shifter Nation exists in our world and animals walk among  us. These characters take me through so many twists and turns that I’m never sure what to expect or who will be written next. I learned a long tome ago that they -the characters- decide the order and I am simply a vessel to tell their story. We first met the Wolverine twins in Claws, they had no names and I only knew that they belonged to the Sneak that had arrived in Betaille a few years earlier. Noir and Lumiere came out of nowhere as did Deuce the twisted hero. Until I typed The End, I didn’t realize what an integrel part of the story Noir and Deuce were. I guess the character know better than I because in the over all storyline their book makes sense.

Noir will be followed up by Redemption which is planned for release in the summer. Wait – there will also be releases in Pride Riders and Shifter Legends. Not to mention I have an entirely new series coming out from Changling Press sometime in the second quarter. AMT1 – Triple Digits, is a Sci-fi/Fantasy.  In the meantime, check out the blurb below and be warned…there are some updates and surprise in Noir. As well as clues, y’all know I always put clues in my books you just have to know what you are looking for. Thank you for hanging with me on tis roller coaster ride through shifter nation and just know the twist and turns aren’t over yet.

Hugs. Kass

Deuce offers his service to the highest bidder and lately Colonel Malachai has been the man footing the bill. But now the insane ex-soldier has tasked him with an assignment he may not be able to come back from…who was he kidding he is a freaking lion and his species wasn’t called the King of the jungle for no reason. He’ll do the job, collect his pay and go ghost because after this even his friends will become his enemies.

Noir is the only name she goes by. Cajun transplants from Canada, she and her twin Lumiere are part of the Wolverine sneak. Actually, her clan had to relocate since they pretty much decimated the Rabbit herd…but hey, the Goddess shouldn’t have made those bunny shifter’s taste so damn good. Still as a sentry she had a job to do and currently that was training the children of Betaille how to survive in the swamp. Things could be worse she could be stuck in Volkshire like her sister.

Another day in swamp paradise, she was happy until a lion shifter darkened her doorstep and tried the unthinkable, to claim her. Hard as she might try to keep her beast under control it was time to show the lion why animals didn’t screw with a wolverine. He would get a dose of crazy he wasn’t prepared for…war has begun.

Pack Rulez: Noir

Life is filled with – What if’s…

While writing one book I had a dream about another. Now, I’m not sure if it was the influence of the ID channel because I prefer the thrill of detective shows and who dun it’s while writingn or if I was suddenly channeling another character out of the blue. Regardless, Francois Allurd had a hold of me and he wasn’t about to let go until I told his story. I wasn’t sure about the tale he spun but I decided to write it out and let the words take me where they wanted to go. I gotta say I found the story intriguing.  Death, survivors remorse, a haunting and it was all tied together by the love of two men for one woman.

In the end can a man give up everything including his life because of the guilt cause by the loss of another and can love bridge that abyss to keep him grounded to this world?

Its the most wonderful time of the year…Merry Christmas!

It took over 300 days but we got here, unscathed mostly.  2016 has not been an easy year, regardless, Christmas is just that Christmas and there is no dismissing the sheer joy of the holiday. Every year I write a story to celebrate the holiday season.  This year I wanted to focus on the funny. How relationships can make you laugh and Jingle Bells was born. Originally the title was Jingle Balls but I was talked out of that name, some folks didn’t find it as entertaining as I did. I took my inspiration from various family interactions and added in a sprinkle of  angst. Let’s face it, every family has their issues but when you meet the one person that can dim those family problems and be a shelter in the storm, well, that can be an unexpected gift.

Meet Essie, Elias and Emun and take the roller coaster ride that happens when a little white lie becomes one whale of a whopper mis-truth. Sometimes the deception of love can become the real thing.



Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Rising Sun and Bad Guys Who Know How to be Good. They just don’t want to.

I love bad hero’s there is something about the redemption of a man. If you have read my books then you know bad men -not boys- are my thing.  They tend to give zero fucks about anything until they are forced too and even they it’s usually because of the woman that they want, need, must have.

There is usually a quiet strength about my dark hero’s, they can be utter assholes and yet somehow you like them. And even I’m trying to understand why. LOL. In my latest release – Rising Sun – Karakurenia Ryu is no different. He saw the woman he was sure was meant for him and took her. Seriously no one does that in this day and age. But he did and because he is Yakuza he had the power to back up his actions.  And so the story of 7 Days unfolds. Can you love a man that kidnaps you? or do you walk away and never look back.

Karakurenia was a lot of fun to write and Noemelee was no pushover. I find the best stories happen when the characters don’t let you sleep. Enjoy Rising Sun.


Blurb  –
She stepped off the plane and into Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. Noemelee Anderson had a client with security issues that wouldn’t allow her to access them remotely so she traveled halfway around the world to fix his server.
In a foreign land steeped in culture she is unfamiliar with, she has no idea where to begin or how to speak the language. The unknown is not something she is prepared for. Get in, take care of business, and get out, back to US soil.
Her kidnapping was not on the agenda. And the man that takes her…Karakurenia Ryu (Crimson Dragon) is one of the most powerful Yakuza Lords in Tokyo and he will not be denied.



Sex sells…maybe renting is better. Isn’t that illegal?

Hi! Kassanna is allowing me to hijack her blog and I have no idea what to write or if folks would even be interested in what I have to say. But – here goes.

I wrote a book.

A lot of people have asked me – Is it good? Well yeah, of course I’m biased but with some help from really great authors like Kassanna, Renee Micheal, Phoenix Daniels and AncelliI, believe I have produced the very best to I could.

This book was birthed from one of my deepest fantasies and I publicly admit I am a freak but hey we all have our vices. The heroine is my alter ego (I wish) She totally accepts who she is and is never apologetic about it. While the hero is a tad narcissistic – at least he is working on that fault. Together they make was hell of an explosive couple because when he makes up his mind it is absolute and although she has never given in to anyone before…look at me I’m so excited about my release I am giving the plot away.

So yes I am a new author. Yes, this is my first book and let me tell you this I put everything I had into Sinners Circle because giving no less than my best is not an option to me. I truly hope you enjoy the story – this couple is my favorite ❤ probably because they are my first but definitely not my last.


Blurb –

A simple job.
Write an expose about a club – Erotes

Tasked with the assignment, Nate Macalister found a way into the hottest venue on the East Coast. His cover is too good. He’s selected to be a member of the more exclusive Sinner’s Circle where he meets her…

Syria Baz is club Madame. Erotes is fun but in Sinner’s Circle anything goes. Sex is just another form of entertainment until a new member blows her mind.

He has a job to do and she has a secret.
To expose her would leave her vulnerable. At the risk of losing everything important to him he chooses to protect her.

To sin is human…to forgive is divine.
***Warning – Explicit Sex Scenes****

Sinners Circle

Link – https://www.amazon.com/Sinners-Circle-E-Nayda-Ruza-ebook/dp/B01L7MTO24/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1472584675&sr=1-1&keywords=E.+Nayda+Ruza

There is something about a man in authority.

Have you ever seen a well dressed man? I mean maybe you were running errands and saw a guy in uniform. Did you stop and stare. Unable to look away like a deer caught in the glow of bright headlights. A man in a well cut suit or uniform is crazy sexy. I saw an undercover cop at some bust or whatever on the street one day. I was the bystander but to see this man strut like he had no fucks left to give. I don’t know if I was attracted by the clothes encasing the body or the attitude the wore draped around him like armor. But -I was inspired y’all.

Because of that glimpse of his stalking to an unmarked vehicle the creative juices flowed and my finger tips started to itch. That was the beginning of Cops – The Duology. I released Dick N’ Dirty last year as part of a small anthology. But that story was part of a larger one. I originally planned to release that novella with another one base on his partner. It took a while but I am able to bring these two story’s together in one book.

Welcome to my version of Cops – (Humming) Bad boys, bad boys what ya gonna do? What yo gonna do when they come for you…


Dick N Dirty **** This story is a re-release****
As a police officer Richard “Dick” Livingston responded to a call and handled the situation. Problem was…he couldn’t get the image of the sexy perpetrator out of his head. His visceral reaction to her made him want to find out more about her…to find Dirty. And once he did, he couldn’t walk away from her.

Indiana “Dirty” Mixon, had her reasons for trying to beat the hell out of her brother with a bat. What she didn’t expect was to find the arresting officer, Dick, in her tattoo shop asking to inked. She didn’t have time to care. Now she had bigger problems to solve thanks to him. Perhaps if they met under different circumstances…
He wouldn’t leave her alone but did she really want him too?

Maybe Baby
Jethro “Andy” Andersen had no choice but to return home. Grudgingly. Almost ten years ago, he fled leaving everything behind and never looked back. The ghosts he left were calling him home and the one person he never wanted to see again is waiting for him.

Silacious Boudreaux did the unthinkable. She married her lovers best friend but she had her reasons. Just when she thought she would never see Jethro again he comes home. Hard as she tries, he can’t be avoided. Now the secrets she thought she would take to the grave are coming back to haunt her.