Fury ~ Chapter Two

This chapter is clean but unedited.

~ Chapter Two ~

Stephen, code name Seven, held the gaze of his target. He’d heard the rumors that Mother Nature’s assassins were a force to be reckoned with but had never had to the opportunity or necessity to cross paths with one of them. His employer, Father Time, actually had a standing order not to engage and stay far away from the dangerous beauties. It was said that at some point all of Mother Nature’s employee’s were once nuns. He let his gaze drift down Fury’s body, she certainly didn’t look like any sister he’d come across in church.

Fury stared at him through bottomless dark chocolate colored eyes. Her deep mahogany skin was smooth and ageless. High cheekbones, complimented by thick bow shaped lips with just a hint of shine and her close cropped hair was the color of fresh wheat. She was a classic beauty.  All black attire, fit her like a glove. Slim jeans hugged her hips while her top molded her ample bust. Fury would be able to move unhindered, yet she was completely nondescript. If a person wasn’t actively seeking her, she could easily blend into a crowd. He watched as an arched brow slowly climbed her forehead and knew he was lucky locating her as quickly as he had.

“Dude I believe we are at an impasse.” she pressed the muzzle of her gun deeper into his belly. “I’m willing to take a chance on both of us dying in a blaze of glory.” Her voice reminded him of the burn you got from a shot of good scotch as it flowed down your throat followed by the sleek warmth that enveloped you afterwards.

He dug the tip of his blade into her skin, holding it at an angle. Tepid fluid flowed down his knuckles. “The grim reaper and I are old friends, we have to be in this line of business. If your feeling froggy, jump. I would love to see who walks away from this.” He whispered. “We are going to get out of here at the next stop.

“If your going to try and kill me, lets get it over with.” She smiled and deep lines etched her cheeks. Her eyes sparkled. “If you don’t mind though I would like to know who ordered a contract on me?”

“I’m a worker, beautiful, not the negotiator. I haven’t a clue as to who wants you dead.” The train stopped and they jerked to the side.

Fury swung away, spinning out of his grasp. The small caliber gun fell from her grasp, she clutched the pole and lifted her legs planting her feet in his chest and pushing off.  He scuttled back, and tightened his grip on the knife. Doors were sliding shut as she shifted to the side and slid between them. He flipped the knife catching it by the blades tip and tossed it. A dinging filled the air and garbled talk floated from the old speakers. The dagger found its mark and Fury staggered. The train lurched forward and he caught sight of her disappearing into a stairwell through a dirty window. Dammit, he would have to double back and track her from there. Seven pulled the phone from his pocket and opened the screen. He pressed his number and the line connected.

“Customer Service.”

“My appointment has been cancelled.” Seven ground out through clenched teeth.

“One moment.” The monotone voice droned before the line went silent.

Seven glanced at the few folks sitting around. No one made eye contact him. It was a sad state of affairs when people would witness a possible assault and yet no one stepped in to help Fury. He shook his head, maybe humanity deserved what it got. There was no sense of community. If people helped each other it was mainly for self serving purposes. No one wanted to step up and take responsibility for their fellow man. It was one of the any reasons, he’d fallen into the business. He had no problem maiming or killing, some targets deserved what they got. He was helping to cull the population of the weak and depraved. Seven watched the brick and mortar as the train rushed by, he didn’t get a sense that Fury was either.

“Seven, this is Nine. Five has been dispatched. He will meet you at half past six. If you are not at the location you will be considered defunct and actions will be taken accordingly.” The line went dead.

“Fucking great,” he despised Five. That assassin was obnoxious on a good day. He flicked his wrist checking his watch. There was still time before he had to meet his partner. He would back track to the last stop and locate his target, dispatch her quickly so he would have to work with an asshole. The car screeched to a stop and he exited, trotting down the hall to catch a cab. He’d had enough of trains for the day.

Briefly, he wondered who would want the alluring Fury dead. His blade landed between her shoulders, she couldn’t have gotten far. Hospitals and clinics were out of the question. She wouldn’t risk the exposure or the questions. They were assassins, if he was in trouble he would seek help from a colleague. Overcast skies greeted him as he left the station. Thunder boomed in the distance. He glanced up at the roiling clouds, seemed even the heavens were anxious. It was time to conclude his business


Fury dug through the lost and found bin at the customer service desk. She lifted a jacket a few sizes larger than she was as wrinkled her nose at the heavy mothball smell. It would serve the purpose of covering her back. She’d managed yank the blade free in the ladies room but her shoulders were covered in her blood making her shirt feel tacky on her skin. “Found it! Thank you!” She shook the light coat and double checked to make sure no bugs fell out . The attendant nodded before returning his attention to the computer screen.

She straightened and swallowed the pain threatening to over take her. Fury draped the coat over her shoulders and shuffled toward the exit. Someone had put a hit out on her and she didn’t even know where to begin to look for them. The doors slid open and she crossed the threshold into a blustering wind.

She mixed in with the flow of people walking along the sidewalk. Ahead of her a well dressed business man spoke on his cell then stuffed it in his pocket. She lunged, bumping into him and quickly she dipped her hand into his pocket, grabbing the phone. Her hasty movements sent the blade she been concealing in her sleeve down her arm slicing her palm. She shoved them both into the jackets pocket and formed a fist to stem the blood flow. It hurt to take a breath, she leaned on the building and the stubby brick pierced the fabric jabbing her skin. Concrete brushed the material as she rounded the corner and rested just in the mouth of the alley. Coolness bled into her heated skin. Fury yanked her phone free from her pocket and dialed a number she’d memorized years ago.

“Access code please.”

“Mother Natures Fury cannot be silenced.”  She pressed the mouthpiece to her face to be heard.

There was a moment of quiet. “But she can be compromised. Storm has abated. Fury cannot be calmed.”

Fear skittered down her spine. She sucked in a calming breath. Mother Nature was cutting her losses and walking away, leaving Fury adrift and on her own. Her chest tightened as anger swept through her. “Tell the bipolar bitch when this is over she can explain her decision to me in person. Before I dispatch her fucking life.” Fury ended the call. There wasn’t much time, the number would be traced and GPS would be utilized to locate her.  She dialed the only person she could trust.

“Hello,” a soft voice hesitated.

“I need help.” Fury closed her eyes for a second.

“Can I just say I told you so. Meet me at the cafe, make sure your clean.” Several clicks then nothing except dead air.

Fury stared at the cell and made a face.  She dropped the phone and stomped on it. No use pulling the Sim card the number she dialed was probably no longer in service the moment she hung up. She hobbled back to the avenue.

“Ma’am…ma’am?” Someone brushed her arm.

She spun around and bit the inside of her cheek to keep from grimacing. “Yes.” She widened her eyes in question.

“Are you okay.” The teen in front of her motioned toward the ground. Drops of blood splattered the sidewalk around her feet and formed a trail that led up to Fury.

“Oh dear, I’m fine. This is so embarrassing.” Fury leaned in and spoke low. “I’m trying that little cup thing for periods. Sometimes it slips.” She half grinned in a self depreciating smile.

“Shut up, I just read about those being used in third world countries on my tablet.” The girl nodded her head. “There’s a restaurant a block down that allows the public to use their rest rooms. You might want to head there if you cant get home.” She took off her scarf and pressed it into Fury’s palms. “You can wrap this around your waist until you can take care of your…issue.” The teen smiled as she moved away.

“Huh.” Fury stared after her as she shoved the material in her pocket. There were still good folks in the world after all.  Needles of pain stabbed her side and shoulder as she raised her arm to hail a cab. She dropped her arm, sighed and raised it again. A white town car cut across traffic and skidded in front of her. She pulled the lever and opened the door, climbing into the back seat. Fury caught a flash from the corner of her eye.

The assassin she’d escaped earlier rushed her shoving her across the seat and jumping into the cab with her.

“For the love of God!” She shrieked as she plowed a fist into his arm.

The cabbie turned toward them, peering at the man next to her. “Where  too?

“My fiance is still angry with me.” He wrapped his fingers around her wrist. “Now baby.”

“Shove your damn endearments.” Fury grumbled.

“Tenth and Elm.” He directed the driver before turning his focus on her. “You were sloppy sweetheart. A five year old could have tracked you down.”

“Aren’t I the lucky duck.” Fury moved closer to the door, reaching for the lever.

“Don’t even think about it,” he reached past her and pushed down the mechanism.

“You won’t like it if you can get me alone. ” She thrust her hand into the coat pocket.

“You know as well as I do this is nothing personal. It’s a job, and you little escapade pissed off my boss. I now have a associate. I have never had a partner in my career. Extermination is eminent in order to save face.  The guy they want to stick me with is an utter asshole.” He shook is head as he exhaled.

“Birds of a feather flock together I’m told.” She said caustically. The car was going in the opposite direction of where she needed to be and getting found so easily was annoying her.

“Ha -ha. Your jokes are lame, you should keep your day job.” He turned his ice blue stare on her. “Oh, that’s right  that will be ending soon enough too.”

“Fuck you.”

“I really wish we could, I bet your explosive in bed.” He touched her arm. “Another lifetime maybe.” he turned his head to the window.

She had one more chance and would have to make it work. If she got too far from her meet point, her contact would leave and she would truly be fucked. She stared at her would be killers profile. He had one point she agreed with, he looked like a great lover. Dismissing that thought, she screamed at the top of her lungs and the cabbie brought the taxi to a curt stop then twisted in his seat. The assassin spun to face her. She yanked the blade from her jacket and buried it in his thigh. He slammed back into his seat. She jerked at the locking mechanism and rammed her shoulder into the door to heave it open. She tumbled to her knees as she exited the vehicle and pushed off, using all her strength. Behind her auto’s screeched to a stop. The scent of burnt rubber filled the air around her. She glanced back, her assassin stumbled from the back seat.

Fury had purposely avoided his femoral artery. For the first time in her life  she hadn’t delivered a killing blow and she really didn’t want to focus on why. She had a meeting to make.

My gift from me to you. Fury – Chapter One

Every Year I write a freebie for my readers. Last year I didn’t, the year got away from me and I’m deeply sorry for that. I want to rectify the oversight. Every week I will post a chapter of Fury here. The book I planned to release for free last year. Now this book is unedited but I have cleaned it up and added content. Welcome to the world of Sisters and Assassins, meet Fury.

~ Chapter One ~

“Nine- one -one  what’s your emergency” The operators dull tone droned in Mena’s ear.

The cafe was bustling with a late lunch crowd and all the tables inside and out were full. She sat in the corner with her back to the building. Her crab quiche sat untouched in front of her. She lifted her head and scanned the area around her. With so many people in the area, once she completed her task, chaos was sure to ensue. She should probably talk to a professional about her penchant for anarchy. Nope, that would be a epically bad idea, she accepted her crazy actually she reveled in it.

“I’d like to report a murder.” Mena held the burner phone to her ear with her shoulder while sliding back the mechanism sending the bullet into the chamber of her semi automatic forty-five. At close range the hollow tip bullets would blow a hole through her assignments chest wide enough to drive a semi through. Tingles skidded along her spine as her adrenaline amped up. Unlike some of her sisters who could take a person down from over two thousand meters she preferred the up close and personal touch. She needed to gaze into the eyes of the being she was sent to kill. In those last moment as she watched their lives drain away she witnessed so many different emotions. Fear, confusion, denial sometimes remorse and finally acceptance. No matter the hit, she could sleep at night with a clear conscious. She believed in what she did, being well compensated for her ability to kill was a side benefit.

“Ma’am how do you now there is a murder? Is there a body? Who has been killed? We cannot pinpoint your location. What is your address?” The operators anxious tone cracked between her rapid fire of questions.

“Sorry, I should be more clear. He hasn’t died yet.” Mena checked her watch. “But give me -oh- five minutes. I promise you will be getting inundated with calls.”

“Ma’am?” The operator raised her voice.

Her target, Peter – last name she did really give a fuck about,  strolled out the bank across the street with a wide grin on his face. He sauntered  to the waiting town car as if he didn’t have a care in the world. According to his dossier, he probably shouldn’t. He created and executed  a Ponzi scheme that resulted in the loss of billions for his investors. While Peter was living large, some of the elderly people that he’d preyed upon where now living in low rent apartments and eating dog food to get by. They were the lucky ones. But he pissed off the wrong person, someone with major connections. A bounty was placed on Peter’s head. The cost of his life, half a million dollars. A little low on her pay scale but after reading his file, she took the job for a dollar. With twelve kills under her belt, she acquired a nice nest egg. She could afford to absorb the cost of this hit. She did ask that the remaining money be donated to the fund created to help those who were cheated by the greedy conman.

Dark clouds roiled in the afternoon sky blotting out the sun’s bright rays. Seems the odds were in her favor, most witnesses abilities for recall were sketchy at best. She’d read that in a medical study somewhere. Mena studied the man and shook her head. His tailored suit probably hid a multitude of bodily imperfections and his coiffed blonde hair barely stirred in the slight breeze.  Their was a little bounce to his step, as if he’d received good news. The guy looked genuinely happy, nodding at people as he moved past them. His stylish appearance hid the the true look of the man like a costume and mask or maybe that was what greed and depravity looked like. When she was in the nunnery, she’d learned even the devil was a beautiful being.

Dumbass had no idea what was coming but when you played pussy you get fucked and her mark was about to learn a deadly lesson. All was fair in love and war and the price on his head would bring at least a few folks back from the brink of despair. She glanced down and stared at her food. It would be a shame not to get at least one bite, instead she stood and moved around the table. Taking note of the people who would act as witnesses that would offer the police her description. Mena pulled her cap low and raised the collar of her light jacket up around her neck. This was going to be fun.

“Ma’am…ma’am…hello” The operator sounded frantic.

She probably shouldn’t have called nine one-one but what the hell, as her sisters liked to tell her, she was an adrenaline junkie. Money was great but she had many reasons for doing what she did. There was also the thrill of the chase, avoiding being caught. She slid her finger across the screen ending the call and slid the phone into her pocket. Time to take care of business. Mena trotted across the street and stalked up to Peter as his driver opened the car door for him.

He glanced at her and cocked his head as she raised her arm straight in front of her. She pulled the trigger two times in a double tap, head and heart. The crack of the bullets leaving the chambers was the sound that initiated everything into slow motion. He slammed into the door from the force of the bullets and  crumpled to the sidewalk. His eyes glazed over as he peered up at her. She winked as she passed him, setting the gun in pocket of her jacket. Time resumed.

People screamed and ran or ducked for cover finding the first thing large enough to hide behind. She cleared the streets in seconds. Mena calmly kept walking as folks scrambled to get out of the way. She stared at his driver who cowered against the front tire with his arms raised and is palms splayed to cover his face. Sucking air through her teeth, what happened to the men? She should have been tackled, someone jumping in to help. The man-gina was real and metrosexuals were slowly taking over the world.  Sadness at that idea skidded through her as she eased into the alley. Faint sirens interrupted her train of thought. She needed to move faster. Her heart raced, dank air filled with the smell of rotting food from residual garbage pooling in cans lining the backside of a building.  She slipped the phone out her pocket and tapped the screen twice, lifting her arm to put the phone to her ear.

A female voice answered. “Thank you for calling the Mother Nature Corporation. How may I assist you?”

“Mother Natures fury knows no bounds.” She huffed as she slipped out on the other side of the alley and jogged across the street to the subway.

“Find cover from the storm.” The line went dead.

Fury dropped coins in the turn style and continued down the stairs. Her steps were hollow as she moved across the tile. She removed the back from the phone and yanked the sim card, dropping it in a guitar case of a street musician between a few bills. The train screeched to a stop as she turned the corner. She shed her coat and hat before stepping between the sliding doors. A few people milled around the car, not as crowded as she expected, she turned her head to survey her surroundings. An old woman with matted hair and dirty clothing cowered in the last seat against a window. the train started, jerking her . She latched onto a pole to keep from falling forward and her finger brushed the hand of someone. Fury lifted her head in acknowledgement to mumble and excuse me and got caught up in the intense azure gaze of the man staring down at her.

Briefly she was taken back, deep ginger strands cut close to his head tapered into a trim line that followed the sharp angle of his jaw. High cheekbones accented deep set eyes under brows the same color as his hair. The guy could have been sculpted from freaking marble, he was so damn good looking. She held onto the pole and gripped the coat hanging over her arm tighter. His mouth moved and she was enthralled. Men weren’t suppose to look like that.

The deep grating sound of his voice tugged at her. This man could sing a lullaby and give a woman an orgasm. She snatched her hand back and stumbled as the train ground to a stop. The stranger reached out snaking an arm around her waist and wrenched her forward. Fury hit the side of his hard body, placing her palm in front of her. Solid muscle did not give beneath soft warm wool. She lifted her head to find the corner of his mouth kicked up on one side.

The train resumed and she drew back.

“Are you alright?” She caught just the hint of white even teeth behind his lips.

“Fine,” Fury cleared her throat. She had to get to Storm, her connection. Fury leaned to the side, praying the derelict woman hadn’t left. She peered over at the man and offered him a brief smile. “Sorry about that, excuse me.” She grazed his arm as she eased past him making a bee line for older person. Carefully she slid her gun out of the coat pocket and into the waistband of her jeans yanking her sweater down to cover the slight of hand.

Fury glanced over her shoulder. The attractive man was still watching her. The tension hovering between her shoulder blades ratcheted up. She inhaled deeply and coughed as the older woman’s odor of greasy food and ancient perfume filled her lungs. Several plastic bags full of whatever and knotted by the handles surrounded her feet. Fury pressed the back of her hand to her nose and exhaled. “Ma’am”

The elderly lady twisted in her seat and turned watery grey eyes on her. She grinned and the bottom row of  teeth in varying degrees of rot added to her grotesque appearance. Fury narrowed her eyes, looking past the grime. She’d have beet her nest egg the old woman had once been beautiful. There was a story there  but she didn’t have time to delve further.

She thrust her jacket out. “I thought you might like to have my coat. Its not a winter coat but it should keep you warm through the fall.” Fury nodded gently as she spoke.

The homeless woman narrowed her eyes and reached out before quickly snatching her hand back. The train screeched again as it made it’s next stop. She clicked the stops off in her head, her destination was coming up, she would need to get off soon. Fury held her breath and took a step forward. “Please, it will keep you warm. No strings, I promise.” She sent the clothing down on the seat and backed away.

Fury backed into the hard wall of a body, taller than her. She glanced back and up.

“That was extremely generous of you.” The great looking white guy’s voice flowed over her.

She held her ground. There was no such thing as coincidences. Gently she pressed her hand to her belly, the butt of her gun was solid reassurance. She was Fury, shed been in situations most folks couldn’t dream of. She twisted her head to watch the older woman put the jacket on. “It feels good to give to those in need, don’t you think?”

“I’m sure it does but then again you probably had an ulterior motive, eh Fury? Now that is an angry name, why would a beautiful woman pick such a harsh code name?”

She shifted, preparing to spin around. Two bullets in his gut and she would be off at the next stop. “Who exactly are you?” She uttered quietly, “I mean I should at least know the name of the man I’m killing.” She twisted pulling her gun and stabbing it into his stomach.

Cool steel , scraped her back at her waist. “Your fast, I’ll give you that but I bet I can sever your spinal cord before you can pull the trigger. Your loss of life would be a pity but hey a job is a job and for some reason there is a person in this world that wants you dead.”

“Well that’s just shitty.” Fury purse her lips as her assassin burst out in boisterous laughter.


A moment with Big Daddy Caine

Last year I was challenged to write a billionaire story. With the glut on the market I noticed a lot of readers losing faith in that particular theme. I accepted the challenge and Big Daddy Caine was born. I never expected him to take over and had no idea where him and Michon were going most days but I hung on and let them lead the way. Their story is different but damn what a ride. To celebrate the release of the book Caine was kind enough to sit down and answer readers questions.


Put your hands together in a warm welcome for Caine O’Shaunessy…

Kass: Hi Caine, thanks for taking the time out your busy schedule to sit down with me and the readers. They have several questions, some are rather personal. I hope that’s okay?

Caine: (A large smile brightens his face exposing that dimple in his cheek.) Give it your best shot. (He chuckles)

Kass: This question comes from Victoria –  I want to know what happened to Zelda. Is she really gone? Also, when’s the wedding? ;)

Caine: Hmm, Its been a few months since I saw Zelda. Last I heard she had hooked up with some lawyer and had taken on a couple of fighters on as their manager. My guys haven’t had to meet the in the Octagon yet so out of sight…out of mind. As for marriage, I never had any plans to marry Zelda. (He winks)

Kass: This question comes from Nikkia – Where is your son’s mother? Are you and Michon planning on having children?

Caine: Vin’s mom wasn’t ready for him. She stuck around for as long as she could and slowly disappeared from our lives. Vin is well aware of who his mother is and I support any decision he makes when it comes to her. At my son’s conception we were too young to realize what we had gotten ourselves into. I imagine it was a hard choice to leave our son with me. When you are listening to a crying baby that needs love an attention, well, I didn’t have a choice but to man up. As for Michon and children. She and I are still getting to know each other. If ad when the time is right we will cross that bridge.

Kass: Wow! Okay this question comes from Petra – Caine, you and Vin had such a good relationship. How do you manage that being a young father?

Caine: (Cocks his head and presses his lips together in a thoughtful expression) When Vin was growing up I was still maturing. My son and I learned a lot together. He knew I was his dad ad could/would kick his ass but being so young most times I understood where he was coming from so it wasn’t necessary. (Smiling now) Vin turned out to be a great kid and with Dylan’s and ma’s help I have no doubt he is a fantastic man. Being a teenage father I had a lot of help, a support system so strong I never felt like I was raising Vin by myself.

Kass: I gotta tell you Caine if I didn’t respect Michon so much I swear…anyway this question comes from Rebecca – Mr O’Shaughnessy , I’d like to know 2 things actually , 1 do you plan on expanding your gyms , to more of a national market , and 2 are there more like you at home ?

Caine: (Rich laughter fill the room) Thank you Kassanna. No Rebecca, I didn’t have plans to expand although Michon had mentioned it. I like where the gym is at the moment. We are finally consistently in the black and I have my hands full with fighters. If I expand my hands on attention will dwindle and I think everyone knows how hands on I like to be.  I’m an only child but I have a cousin, Dylan, He’s a little reserved but trust me when I tell you still waters run deep.

Kass: Caine, this question comes from me. What did you think of Michon’s mom?

Caine: I can see where Michon gets her tenacity and strength from. Ms. Alexander is a damn good cook. I have to add an extra hour to my training whenever I have dinner at her house.

Kass: Cool. This question comes from Michelle – Caine, where did the nick name “Big Daddy” come from?

Caine: Dylan actually, when I was fighting every tie I knocked someone out Dylan would get in their faces and ask them whose your daddy? Before I knew it folks were calling me Big Daddy.

Kass: You are a man of many talents. This question comes from Tiffany – Caine do you plan on working with Michon on some remolding jobs or having her help you with a rebuild? Also do you plan on you 2 living together?

Caine: If Michon needs me I am there. Right now its just her and I working on the brownstone. I like my space and she enjoys her’s but we have decided to tweak the apt above the gym and live there together. For some reason, she loves that space.

Kass – This is a interesting one from Victoria – Caine did Shai get hers after betraying Michon?

Caine: Shai lives with her mother now, Michon isn’t budging about hiring her back and I can’t blame her with family like that who needs enemies but Shai is her sister so they -in my opinion- should at least be cordial to each other. Dylan says we could use some help around the gym since I have been traveling with the fighters. Who knows anything could happen.

Kass: Here is a hot one from Dawn – I know I’mma get in trouble for this but I would definitely ask him to put some on me for just one night!!!!

Caine: (Chuckling) Dawn, If I could I would…

Kass: Caine you are a popular man. This came in from Petra – Caine, will you leave Michone for me? I have a free gym you can use and a case of coffee.

Caine: As tempting as your offer is I love Michon. Kishkove is single though and I know that guy lives on coffee. (Caine stands and stretches. His shirt inches up to expose ripped abs.) I have an appointment to train Conner today. It was good talking to you. have a great one Kass. (He walks out the room)

Friends, phew good gracious that man is fine. Hope you enjoyed the interview. Until later.



A New Year Is Coming – New Series and Updates on Current Books

Hi! I’m sorry it has taken me a while to get updates to y’all. There is a lot going on. My publisher released two books in the Pack Rulez series in Oct and Nov, Omega and Misere. I’ll post the links below. :) I have gotten several e-mails about different series and I want to let y’all know where I am at. Since I mentioned Pack Rulez, I’ll start there.

Roar is the next book in the series. After that there will be three books left before I end the Pack Rulez. I’ll also post my writing schedule below. I promise I am working *Big Smile*

There are three books left in Shifter Legends and he next book will be Chaos & Treachery. Stick with me readers we are so close to the treasure I can taste it.

I am not sure how many books are left in Pride Riders, the characters haven’t told me yet. What I can tell you is Prowl is the next book in the series and it’s all about the resident Comedian Ari. I gotta tell you his mate is no joke. Wait until you find out what she shifts into…

Side note: Before I forget – Falling does have a follow-up  Rising. We will revisit Bobby Jack and Whit but the book itself is all about Riley. He has some secrets to tell. Rising will release Spring of 2015.

I brought up Falling and Bobby Jack first because that book gave me a great idea for a new series, Unexpected Hero’s. This will be a series of stand alone books with one thing in common. Every hero will be different and unlikely. I am kicking off this series with a release in December with A Hustler’s Christmas.  2015 is shaping up to be a wonderful year and I have some interesting stories lined up for y’all. I think they are fantastic but hey I’m biased so I will let you be the judge. As always I am only an e-mail away and if you want to talk just give me a shout out I respond to all e-mails.

Have a great Holiday Season and I will see you on the flip side.

Book release and writing schedule.

December 5, 2014 – A Hustlers Christmas (Unexpected Hero’s) releases. The book is currently up for preorder.A-Hustler's-Christmas-fullhttp://www.amazon.com/Hustlers-Christmas-Unexpected-Heroes-Book-ebook/dp/B00PL3SLXY/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1416815327&sr=1-4&keywords=Kassanna

January 16, 2015 – Big Daddy Caine (Book Two, Unexpected Hero’s) releases. I’ll post links up once I have them.

Big-Daddy-Caine-ebook-webFebruary 20, 2015 – Prowl (Book Three, Pride Riders) Releases

10169105_10202880176957146_1274349590_nCurently I am working on Chaos & Treachery and Roar. They will be released through my publishers Sugar & Spice Press and Amira Press. I am hoping they will be released sometimes during the months of March, April or May but that is subject to change.

Rising will release sometime in May or June.

There is one more book I need to mention is I have a little known book series, Through The Veil. I will be releasing the second book in that series Fe, Fi, Foe, Huh? (The title is a work in progress) in July.

Here are the links to Omega and Misere. See I didn’t forget. :) Thanks again for hanging in there with me. We are in for one heck of a fantastic voyage.



A Huge Thank You from Me to You

Hey there,

Sometimes, I get so caught up in my books that I conveniently forget the real world around me. An oversight on my part. One I would like to rectify by screaming at the top of my lungs, from the highest mountain top – THANK YOU! To all my followers, readers and supporters.  With every book I release you take this fantastic voyage with me and when you contact me to tell me your experience while reading a book of mine all I can do is smile. Not just a lift of my lips at the corners  but a huge, makes my cheeks hurt its so wide a grin. Good or bad my experience is wonderful because if you liked it then I did my job and if you didn’t well I take what you tell me and try to make the next book that much better. Thank you again for making story telling do damn wonderful.  Here’s to having more great stories to be told. Thank_you_card_many_languages_7796681

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penlogoHey y’all.

It’s been a minute since I had a chance to sit down and talk with you. Whoo, do we have a lot to discuss. First, I want to thank you as readers for sticking with me and keeping me on my toes. You folks are the bomb.com! Its your words and the little messages you send me that have gotten me through a number of days and I can tell you how much I appreciate you.

I wanted to give you a heads up. A lot you y’all have asked about books and releases and if there will be sequels to certain books. I hope to answer all your questions, here right now and if you have more then by all means post them and I will answer those too. :) Here we go. Please not these are working blurbs and titles that haven’t been edited.

Next month Lucky’s Charm will be released. I’ waiting on the cover art  but I post the blurb below. I know it is coming out but I don’t have an exact date yet. I am in the process of edit at this time.

Lucky’s Charm

Landis Mitchell was stuck.

A bad day at the office just got a whole lot worse. Sucked into another world, she searches for a way home. Lost, she must depend on beings she has only  read about in fairy tales. Soon, she realizes just how wrong those stories were

Even in his world it was rare to see a woman fall from the sky.

Lucky saved a lass and knew without a doubt that she was the one meant for him.  So, he had a few issues to clear up before he could think about claiming her. A wanted elf bonded to a unicorn on the run with a giant, he’d had better days. But if it meant Landis staying, he was willing to battle banshees, conquer the trolls, and corral a centaur.

With a little finesse and a lot of loving, she just might be all the charm he needed.


The contract is signed for this next book. As yet I don’t have a release date or cover art. It is the 4th book in the Shifter Legends series. As soon as I have the information you all will be the first to know. Blurb below.

Beast Protector (A whole new meaning to failure is not an option.)

Magdalena Rafi didn’t want a mate. She found herself with two. Tasked with locating a treasure of immense value, her every step is dogged by two men yearning to claim her. Finding the next clue to the dragon horde just got more complicated.

Ratchet was a beast on a mission. Finding his other half broke a powerful connection to the dragon that kept him captive. His captor has become his competitor as both shifters seek to tame a powerful she-dragon. Only, she has other ideas.

Time is running out. Somehow they must find equal footing or everything gained will be lost. If she chooses wrong she runs the risk of being shackled to the wrong shifter forever.


The next book is coming out in Oct. I don’t have an exact date yet or a cover. Hopefully you will be excited to know that it’s time for Pack Rulez. This is Colin’s story. The Pack Rulez series has a separate schedule. Omega (The Pack Rulez beginning ) will release in Oct. Mio (Matos story) will release in November then Alpha (The other half of Colin’s story) will release in January. The blurb for Omega is below.

Omega (The Pack Rulez Beginning)

Colin Blaidd did it all for love.

She was his mate but fate kept them apart. He was a father with responsibilities not just to his family but to his clan. Avoiding the landmines in his life was a tedious lesson in patience. Robbie was worth the struggle. In the end he would possess her and lead the Shifter Nation. All it took was time.

A world she never knew existed.

Robbie was recruited by Malachai before she finished college to work in a government installation. She didn’t realize those very people she’d grown to trust would betray her. Playing a deadly game of charades she turned to the one man that had promised to protect her. Colin was both man and beast, a test subject. She hoped his savagery would be enough to save them all.


I am releasing a Christmas book, it should come out early December. I sincerely hope your ready for that ride. It will be a doozy. The title is A Christmas Hustle. Again more about that as I have information.

That is the schedule so far, as I have more info I will be posting it.

To address a question that some of you have asked. Falling does have a sequel. The title is Rising and it is Rileys story. As with all my books you will see the return of some charters lie Bobby Jack,  Whitney and Mama Mays. I know taking a journey through Falling was hard but I promise the trip is well worth the wait.

With regard to Falling I will leave you with this tidbit. Jessi does get out of jail for good behavior and she marries Andy. Looks like Issac will get his revenge after all. :)

To answer your questions about the Pride Riders. Ari is the hero of the next book, Prowl, and boy does he have his hands full. You’ll never guess what his mate is. Now I have the cover art for prowl but I don’t have a release date. I’m hoping sometime early next year, with in the first three months. Here is Ari.10169105_10202880176957146_1274349590_n

I hope I covered everything. Send me a shout out if I didn’t. Thanks again for being so wonderful. You folks have truly made my day on many occasions.

Until later, Kass

Sometimes you got to just do it…

I had a story that had been nagging me to be written. I wrote it and something interesting happened. I couldn’t publish it. I didn’t send it to any publishing houses. What I did do was sit on it…for years.

Not because I thought the book was bad. I certainly don’t think it is. The research was a beast, hiding in chat rooms and copying the verbage and rhetoric I came across.  Cringing when derogatory statements were made and laugh out loud in computer speak so the others wouldn’t realize I was a black woman in an Aryan Nation site. As much as some scenes pained me and I had to step back and stop writing I muscled through and wrote the book my characters demanded. Then I read it and told my characters naw, it ain’t happening, I don’t think the world is ready for your story.

Don’t get me wrong. I am by no means some world famous author. I write erotic romance that is always IR. I doubt the NYT or USA Today are going to knocking on my door but I am fortunate enough to write the stories in my heart. Some of them are well received, others not so much. I sorta pushed my personal envelope for this book, I mean the conversations are raw, the words I came across were used. The situations I watched on documentaries became a mix-mash of  events in my head.  Falling is different than any book I have ever written.

Earlier this year I pulled that story out and read through it again and I realized it was me who wasn’t ready to show it to the world.  I set about fixing that issue and expanded the book giving birth to details and very real incidents. While making these changes it dawned on me it wasn’t about where these character came from it was where they were going. This was their love story. Some people will love it others will hate it but in my heart I know I told Whit and Bobby Jack’s tale with unabashed truthfulness.   It wasn’t my story to tell it was theirs, warts and all and to watch them grow and blossom was the greatest understanding I as a writer can witness of the characters.

I truly hope you enjoy Falling as much as I did.


Coming Mid-June



Bobby Jack believed in anarchy. He was taught, keep the races separate and let the best man survive. Fresh out of jail, he searches for his son, born while he was locked up. The journey takes Bobby Jack to dark places, ultimately leading him to an eye opening truth.

Whit stepped in to take the toddler when his mama was arrested. She has her own troubles but couldn’t stomach watching the little fella be taken away by Child Protective Services. Given her circumstances she does the best she can with what she has.

He’s a monster whose hate runs deep and she’s a woman doing the best she can to keep from letting life break her. An unexpected turn of events sets these two people on a collision course and no one will walk away unscathed. Sometimes you can’t stop falling.

***Warning*** There is explicit use of derogatory (racist) names used in this book you will find offensive. Graphic violence and sex scenes. ***


Whit needed to move but she didn’t want to draw attention to herself. Their disagreement was none of her business. She understood what life the fat fella was about so the nice looking one was probably about the same thing. The chubby one’s tats told his story, swastikas framed an image of Hitler etched into his bicep. A noose next to the words, the only good nigger is a dead one was written on his neck in script. Yeah being caught alone by these two guys wouldn’t be smart.

“I want Isaac with me. Who knows where he’s at or if he’s being taken care of. How the hell could y’all not help her!” Jacket guy screamed down at fat so.

“We didn’t know.” The big man turned his head and caught Whit watching. “What the fuck you looking at bitch.”

Whit glanced around. No one, man, woman or child called her out her name. “A pussy” She kept walking.

She was jerked back by her arm and swung around. “Who you talking to nigger?” Spit sprayed her face and she struggled to free her limb as the short, stubby guy got in her face.

The tall built one strolled up behind him. Instinctively she knew he was the one she should be worried about. Whit looked over the shoulder of the man holding her and met the evergreen gaze of the other fella. His eyes narrowed as she was sure hers widened the guy on the sidewalk from last week. She pulled back her leg and kneed the bastard clutching her arms. He crumbled like a sack of dirty laundry grabbing his balls.

She leaned over and spit. “Fuck you.” Whit stared over at the other fella forming a fist, preparing to fight if she had too.

He waved a hand, as his shoulders shook. She narrowed her eyes. Was he laughing? He stuffed his hands in his pocket and cleared his throat. “You’re a feisty colored girl. Don’t look so scared. I ain’t going to do a damn thing to you here, too many cameras.” He nodded toward the corner of the building. “My cousin, Andy, ain’t quite all there, he don’t think before he acts. I suggest you leave before he can get up.” His voice was deep sexy rasp like the sizzle of water poured over hot coals.

“You’re not going to help him?” She swallowed.

“Hell no, the fat fuck pissed me off,” he pulled a stick of gum from his pocket and slid the piece between his lips. “I’ll just wait until he can move. Normally I would leave his ass but this is a jail house.”

The sleeve on his arm inched up and she saw the tip of an image on his wrist, a hood. His hands were calloused like he did hard labor for a living. Why was he still talking to her? She noticed the dirty blonde stubble on his chin. A strong jaw, she’d bet her next paycheck he was stubborn as all get up.

He toed Andy with the tip of his boot and nodded. “Yeah he may be out a while.”

His cousin groaned and rolled over on his side.

“Good I tried to send his nuts up his nose.” Whit pulled her keys from her pocket.

“I saw.” He chuckled again “What’s your name?”

“Why?” She glanced down at the prone figure and snapped her head back up at the stranger.

“I’m just being a southern gentleman. My mama taught me it’s not polite to talk to a woman without knowing her name. That way were not strangers.”

“Well I’m not from here so we should be good.” Why the hell was she still standing there talking to him? Curiosity sent her thoughts in a million directions. “It’s my understanding that your kind don’t mix with mine.”

“That’s what you get for thinking.” He shrugged. “I take exception to the pretty colored ones.”

“Let me make one thing clear, no mother fucker took a brown crayon to my skin.” She growled.

“Like I said, you have spirit. So what’s your name sugar?”

“You’re not going to drop it are you?” Whit inched toward her car.

“My mama use to say I had the tenacity of a coon hound. Surely you’re not gonna leave without telling me your name?” He peered down at her hand.

She shook the keys maneuvering a key between her fingers. If the SOB attacked she would gouged the hell out of him. “How about you tell me your name?’

“K” He dropped the tail gate and took a seat. “Name’s Bobby Jack.”

An upcoming event! Interracial Romance Authors Expo.

I wanted to let y’all know wayyyy ahead of time that there was something special headed our way. :)  For those of us that read and write Interracial Romance there will be a conference on May 16, 2015. A year away! Yes, this sister can plan. Where you say? It will be held in Orlando at the Buena Vista Palace, Walt Disney World. Come on peeps, do that rump shaker dance with me!

Convention-button-250x250Click the picture to be taken to the site

I will be attending this Expo with some of today’s hottest IR Authors, Dahlia Rose, Aliyah Burke, LaVerne Thompson, Ancelli, Jeanie & Jayha and Tressie Lockwood just to name a few of them.  Not to mention the various vendors  and swag galore I heard will be given away. This is an epic event and will only take place for one day. Psst…come closer. *waving* Come on a little closer I have to whisper something to you. *Looks around and leans in* I hear there is going to be quite the party that night. I know the Face Book page and site are updated simultaneously. Here’s the link to the FB Page too. Show the planners some love and like that page.


Right now the event coordinators are offering an early bird special for tickets. The hotel even has a special rate for attending guests. I’m not sure about you but I am really stoked to go. Anyway I got to get back to writing. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll chat with you peeps later.



Trace is coming ~ Primal, Pride Riders Book 2

In Nov 2013 I released a free book  – Prey – as a thank you to my readers for all the support. I left it a cliff hanger, not on purpose. It just sort of happened. The response from that book was both humbling and overwhelming. Yeah a few of y’all let me know I was a low down dirty shame for it was leaving the end hanging like that.

I hope to redeem myself in your eyes…there were a few hiccups but Primal is now out. This is Trace’s book. Remember him the silent tiger. I think you will be surprised once you meet him. He is definitely a cat who likes to walk his own path as with most of the bikers in Pride Riders.



By any means necessary.
Shay Genovee made it her mission to bring her cousin home. Staring into the icy azure gaze of a tiger, she realizes she made some rash decisions. To escape the beast won’t be easy but does she really want to?
Her scent made him primal.
Trace Kuhn didn’t speak because he didn’t have too. As the only tiger in a pride of lions, he let his actions be his words. Until he met a woman whose mouthwatering aroma sent him over the edge of reason. He would have her at any price, even if it cost him his clan.

Note: This book contains a sexy tiger shifter who likes to play and a heroine who doesn’t know how. Between claiming a mate and hunting down the threat to the clan there is toy play, rimming,anal and a whole lot of loving going on.


He rotated his head and she was swung back along his body. She locked her arms around his thick neck and buried her face in the beast’s damp fur. He got them to the other side and she crawled up the moss covered bank, dropping flat and gulping in large amounts of air. Water filled her throat and spewed from her mouth as her stomach purged the liquid. She was flipped on her side as her gut painfully clenched until there was nothing left to come up. Chills made her teeth chatter as her core temperature dropped. Suddenly, she was hauled up. Trace was again a man and carrying her to a rock overhang directly in the sunlight. He laid her on the flat surface and yanked her shoes off then jerked the waterlogged denim material down her legs. She slapped at his hands when he slipped his fingers under the waistband of her panties. He growled and locked her fist in a tight grip as he ripped the underwear from her hips. Trace sliced through her top and continued to strip her.
Tears formed at the corners of her eyes and slid down her face as she turned her head. It was humiliating to be laid bare before him. A man she didn’t know. The sun warmed her skin and he clasped her chin making her face him. Shaking his head, he brushed the drops from her face laid down next to her. He pressed himself against her side and wrapped his arms around her body. The hair on his thighs tickled the side of her leg and his breath warmed her neck. Her breathing hitched as the heat from his form flowed into her. Her nipples tightened into hard peaks and her pussy tingled. She could feel her folds becoming slick. He constricted his hold, pushing her breast up.
She swallowed. This wasn’t supposed to be happening. Her emotions were all over the place and she couldn’t understand why. One minute she didn’t want him undressing her and now all she wanted was for him to possess her. His cock thumped her hip. And she groaned. He rose onto an elbow and looked down at her through narrowed eyes.
Trace outlined her lips with is index finger. She moved her face and he leaned forward laying his hand flat on the other side of her head.
“What have you done to me?” she whispered.
He pressed his lips together, opened his mouth then snapped his jaws shut again.
“Why do I feel this incessant need for you?”
He searched her face for something and everywhere his gaze touched felt like an intimate caress. His nose tapped hers and she folded her arms around his neck. He lowered his face, his mouth centimeters away from hers .
“Talk to me.” She pleaded against his lips.

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Solve a dispute…

Another author and I are at odds. She critiqued one of my older manuscripts and thinks I should pub it. This is one on my first works and it is in one word MASSIVE. I’m talking 290 pages and 85 thousand words. Below is a posted snippet she chose. Didi I mention this book is huge! Anyway check out the snippet and do me a favor. After you read the excerpt – please leave a comment with a yeah pub or no way away and never look back or something to that effect. Anyway here goes.  This is unedited.


Shay stepped from the curb onto the asphalt of the parking lot and nearly stumbled when her heel got caught in a small hole. She dropped her dress and started pin wheeling her arms to keep from falling. Suddenly she was yanked up by the loops on her jeans waistband and jerked back. She felt her panties bunch up in the crack of her ass. Whoever held her by the waistband didn’t immediately let go. She had to take a step forward and angle her body as she was pulled back to keep from stumbling into the person behind her. Her clothing was finally released when she found her footing. Shay did a little wiggle before she turned around to say thank you. She swiveled around to face her rescuer. Hot damn she hit the mother lode. Shay briefly thought to herself. Heaven have mercy. She continued her line of thought as she pressed her sunglasses further up her nose, tilted her head and perused his body. He was tall maybe a shade over six feet. His chest tapered to a narrow waist. At least she thought so his torso was hard to gauge under the dark oversized polo he sported. He wore faded jeans. They looked butter soft like he’d had them for years and fit so well it took your breath away. Dark work boots covered his feet. Then she glanced up. He had that pretty coco butter skin that most women would kill for. His mustache was pencil thin and rolled across his upper lip following the lines of his mouth connecting to the goatee on his chin. Sharp nose, high cheekbones, deep dark chocolate eyes slightly slanted His hair was pulled back into a ponytail it had to be at least shoulder length possibly longer. Shay was still taking full inventory of him when he coughed. Right then Shay realized she was staring, with her mouth open and maybe, God she hoped not, she let just a little drool slip by. She closed her mouth with audible snap and swallowed. Clearing her throat before she spoke, she tried not to look like a flaming imbecile. “Thank you.” Then did a little wiggle to try and dislodge the panties from her butt without notice. She watched as he opened his mouth, closed it and opened it again. Then he sighed and when he did speak, it was with deep timbre that felt like the smoothest cognac sliding across her nerves leaving warmth in its wake. The hint of an accent added to the allure of his voice. Smiling when he looked down at her she apologized again. He smiled. Really could he look any better? His smile was beautiful with mostly even white teeth just that one incisor was a little crooked. She so wanted to run her tongue on that particular tooth. Shay shook her head what was wrong with her. She lifted her sunglasses to look him in the eye.


Cai smiled and hoped it wasn’t one of his goofier ones. He wasn’t sure what to think. He’d stepped out of his dojo to run a few errands, check on his other martial arts studios and walked right into the scene of a woman in the midst of falling. He hadn’t thought about it, he just grabbed her by her belt loop and tugged her back. He’d done nothing else and couldn’t understand why he was panting. Cai cocked his head and what was up with the shimmy she kept doing? He watched her and waited. Just to see if she was truly okay, he told himself. She was pretty. Her hair was cut short stopping at her jawline and it was a nice shade of dark brown with a myriad of lighter blondes peppered through it. Her skin was the color of Latte. She had full lips, and solid cheekbones all sitting on a very kissable column of neck. Huh where did that thought come from. She wasn’t model thin but healthy and thick in all the right places. Her jeans clung to the flair of her hips and her waist was the perfect span for his hands. Nice. He glanced down. She was wearing heels, open toe heels and her toes. Well hell, she wiggled her toes and the sun glinted off the rhinestones that covered them. His eyes followed the lines of her body up returning to her face as she lifted her sunglasses and his chest constricted. He was looking into the prettiest and palest green eyes he had ever seen. They were flanked by thick black lashes that sent long shadows across her cheek every time she blinked. He’d spoken earlier but now his tongue just felt thick in his mouth. He thought to himself about how you talk to an angel because anything that came out his mouth at this point would definitely be a pick up line. Cai turned his head and coughed. “It’s okay. Are you alright?”

Well there you go. The ball is in your court my friends

Thanks again, Kass