Trace is coming ~ Primal, Pride Riders Book 2

In Nov 2013 I released a free book  – Prey – as a thank you to my readers for all the support. I left it a cliff hanger, not on purpose. It just sort of happened. The response from that book was both humbling and overwhelming. Yeah a few of y’all let me know I was a low down dirty shame for it was leaving the end hanging like that.

I hope to redeem myself in your eyes…there were a few hiccups but Primal is now out. This is Trace’s book. Remember him the silent tiger. I think you will be surprised once you meet him. He is definitely a cat who likes to walk his own path as with most of the bikers in Pride Riders.



By any means necessary.
Shay Genovee made it her mission to bring her cousin home. Staring into the icy azure gaze of a tiger, she realizes she made some rash decisions. To escape the beast won’t be easy but does she really want to?
Her scent made him primal.
Trace Kuhn didn’t speak because he didn’t have too. As the only tiger in a pride of lions, he let his actions be his words. Until he met a woman whose mouthwatering aroma sent him over the edge of reason. He would have her at any price, even if it cost him his clan.

Note: This book contains a sexy tiger shifter who likes to play and a heroine who doesn’t know how. Between claiming a mate and hunting down the threat to the clan there is toy play, rimming,anal and a whole lot of loving going on.


He rotated his head and she was swung back along his body. She locked her arms around his thick neck and buried her face in the beast’s damp fur. He got them to the other side and she crawled up the moss covered bank, dropping flat and gulping in large amounts of air. Water filled her throat and spewed from her mouth as her stomach purged the liquid. She was flipped on her side as her gut painfully clenched until there was nothing left to come up. Chills made her teeth chatter as her core temperature dropped. Suddenly, she was hauled up. Trace was again a man and carrying her to a rock overhang directly in the sunlight. He laid her on the flat surface and yanked her shoes off then jerked the waterlogged denim material down her legs. She slapped at his hands when he slipped his fingers under the waistband of her panties. He growled and locked her fist in a tight grip as he ripped the underwear from her hips. Trace sliced through her top and continued to strip her.
Tears formed at the corners of her eyes and slid down her face as she turned her head. It was humiliating to be laid bare before him. A man she didn’t know. The sun warmed her skin and he clasped her chin making her face him. Shaking his head, he brushed the drops from her face laid down next to her. He pressed himself against her side and wrapped his arms around her body. The hair on his thighs tickled the side of her leg and his breath warmed her neck. Her breathing hitched as the heat from his form flowed into her. Her nipples tightened into hard peaks and her pussy tingled. She could feel her folds becoming slick. He constricted his hold, pushing her breast up.
She swallowed. This wasn’t supposed to be happening. Her emotions were all over the place and she couldn’t understand why. One minute she didn’t want him undressing her and now all she wanted was for him to possess her. His cock thumped her hip. And she groaned. He rose onto an elbow and looked down at her through narrowed eyes.
Trace outlined her lips with is index finger. She moved her face and he leaned forward laying his hand flat on the other side of her head.
“What have you done to me?” she whispered.
He pressed his lips together, opened his mouth then snapped his jaws shut again.
“Why do I feel this incessant need for you?”
He searched her face for something and everywhere his gaze touched felt like an intimate caress. His nose tapped hers and she folded her arms around his neck. He lowered his face, his mouth centimeters away from hers .
“Talk to me.” She pleaded against his lips.

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Solve a dispute…

Another author and I are at odds. She critiqued one of my older manuscripts and thinks I should pub it. This is one on my first works and it is in one word MASSIVE. I’m talking 290 pages and 85 thousand words. Below is a posted snippet she chose. Didi I mention this book is huge! Anyway check out the snippet and do me a favor. After you read the excerpt – please leave a comment with a yeah pub or no way away and never look back or something to that effect. Anyway here goes.  This is unedited.


Shay stepped from the curb onto the asphalt of the parking lot and nearly stumbled when her heel got caught in a small hole. She dropped her dress and started pin wheeling her arms to keep from falling. Suddenly she was yanked up by the loops on her jeans waistband and jerked back. She felt her panties bunch up in the crack of her ass. Whoever held her by the waistband didn’t immediately let go. She had to take a step forward and angle her body as she was pulled back to keep from stumbling into the person behind her. Her clothing was finally released when she found her footing. Shay did a little wiggle before she turned around to say thank you. She swiveled around to face her rescuer. Hot damn she hit the mother lode. Shay briefly thought to herself. Heaven have mercy. She continued her line of thought as she pressed her sunglasses further up her nose, tilted her head and perused his body. He was tall maybe a shade over six feet. His chest tapered to a narrow waist. At least she thought so his torso was hard to gauge under the dark oversized polo he sported. He wore faded jeans. They looked butter soft like he’d had them for years and fit so well it took your breath away. Dark work boots covered his feet. Then she glanced up. He had that pretty coco butter skin that most women would kill for. His mustache was pencil thin and rolled across his upper lip following the lines of his mouth connecting to the goatee on his chin. Sharp nose, high cheekbones, deep dark chocolate eyes slightly slanted His hair was pulled back into a ponytail it had to be at least shoulder length possibly longer. Shay was still taking full inventory of him when he coughed. Right then Shay realized she was staring, with her mouth open and maybe, God she hoped not, she let just a little drool slip by. She closed her mouth with audible snap and swallowed. Clearing her throat before she spoke, she tried not to look like a flaming imbecile. “Thank you.” Then did a little wiggle to try and dislodge the panties from her butt without notice. She watched as he opened his mouth, closed it and opened it again. Then he sighed and when he did speak, it was with deep timbre that felt like the smoothest cognac sliding across her nerves leaving warmth in its wake. The hint of an accent added to the allure of his voice. Smiling when he looked down at her she apologized again. He smiled. Really could he look any better? His smile was beautiful with mostly even white teeth just that one incisor was a little crooked. She so wanted to run her tongue on that particular tooth. Shay shook her head what was wrong with her. She lifted her sunglasses to look him in the eye.


Cai smiled and hoped it wasn’t one of his goofier ones. He wasn’t sure what to think. He’d stepped out of his dojo to run a few errands, check on his other martial arts studios and walked right into the scene of a woman in the midst of falling. He hadn’t thought about it, he just grabbed her by her belt loop and tugged her back. He’d done nothing else and couldn’t understand why he was panting. Cai cocked his head and what was up with the shimmy she kept doing? He watched her and waited. Just to see if she was truly okay, he told himself. She was pretty. Her hair was cut short stopping at her jawline and it was a nice shade of dark brown with a myriad of lighter blondes peppered through it. Her skin was the color of Latte. She had full lips, and solid cheekbones all sitting on a very kissable column of neck. Huh where did that thought come from. She wasn’t model thin but healthy and thick in all the right places. Her jeans clung to the flair of her hips and her waist was the perfect span for his hands. Nice. He glanced down. She was wearing heels, open toe heels and her toes. Well hell, she wiggled her toes and the sun glinted off the rhinestones that covered them. His eyes followed the lines of her body up returning to her face as she lifted her sunglasses and his chest constricted. He was looking into the prettiest and palest green eyes he had ever seen. They were flanked by thick black lashes that sent long shadows across her cheek every time she blinked. He’d spoken earlier but now his tongue just felt thick in his mouth. He thought to himself about how you talk to an angel because anything that came out his mouth at this point would definitely be a pick up line. Cai turned his head and coughed. “It’s okay. Are you alright?”

Well there you go. The ball is in your court my friends

Thanks again, Kass

Pack is the word…

Ain’t no party like Pack Rulez party!!!

Welcome back to Volkshire! Step into the decorated foyer of the Blaidds home and get comfortable. Its the holidays and Tee has invited everyone, friends, family and allies to enjoy the celebrations.  There are even a couple of party crashers.

Visit with old friends and meet new ones as you walk through the world of shifters.



Party animals in every sense of the word.

To celebrate the holidays, the Blaidds have invited council members and allies to their Volkshire compound. And most of the shifters have accepted the invitation for their own reasons.

With so many Alphas and their mates coming together for the occasion, Christmas will never be the same.


The fella’s answered in unison. “Fre!”

“I’ll be happy to talk to her if we need something taken care of.” Donal’s tone took on a dreamy quality.

“I’ll do it. If ole Scar catches you making eyes at his woman, we’ll never find your body, and frankly with Sasha gone your skill set just became that much more valuable,” Eivan responded drily.

The knob twisted back and forth on the door. The fresh scent of laundered cotton tickled his nose. He narrowed his eyes, planting his feet as he waited for the door to swing open. It couldn’t be. He left her in Betaille. Hell, once the documents were signed he had the coyote tossed into the backseat of his truck, picked up the punk-ass puma, and got the hell up out of that town before the sun rose. One by one he watched his superiors, Alphas, take the fall, riding that bitch called a claiming with a dazed look in their eyes. He would not go out like that.

“Someone’s at the door,” Mac stated the obvious.

“Ya think?” Eivan stomped to the entry and wrapped is fingers around the handle to yank the door open. Mais stumbled over the threshold, her palms still wrapped around the knob. A brisk wind shoved her forward blowing through the entrance. Eivan grabbed her by the upper arm to keep her from falling. Her fragrance slammed into him, making it hard to catch his breath.

Their gazes met and he briefly witnessed his feelings mirrored in her dark caramel-colored eyes—desire and denial. She jerked from his touch as if he’d burned her. Straightening, she glanced around the great room. Mais hefted her backpack on her shoulder and dropped the overnight bag she’d been lugging on the floor. He watched his men discreetly sniff the air, their attention focused on the newcomer. Her odor clung to his palms and he wiped them down the leg of his jeans.

“Mais.” Eivan spoke through clenched teeth. “What brings you to sentinel headquarters, my barracks?”

She arched a thin brow and smiled slowly. “I was told by Boris to report here as Sasha’s replacement.”

“Hot damn!” Donal whistled. “Hello b-ugh-lady.”

Eivan ignored the interest his men were expressing and narrowed his eyes. “No one advised me of your employment.” He dug into his pocket for his cell phone.

“I guess you’re just not that high on the totem pole, huh?” She shrugged.

Eivan swiveled on his heel and stabbed the screen with his index finger. Boris’s name flashed and the icon with the tiny word “Dialing” appeared. In the background he could hear the smooth, smoky tone of Mais introducing herself to the fellas.

“Yeah?” Boris’s tone was clipped.

Eivan didn’t waste time with formalities. “Sasha’s replacement is not going to work.”

“Why the hell not?” the bear grumbled.

“She’s a boar.”

His boss chuckled. “And?”

“What are her qualifications?” Eivan heard a thread of desperation in his own voice.

“Sasha spoke very highly of her. Myka had her military record pulled. The chick is a Special Forces badass. Possibly better qualified than you…”


It’s Christmas Time…Let’s Celebrate

****Winners have been drawn and notified****


Howdy and good December to you.

I don’t know about you but I love Christmas and always try to put out a couple of books every season. This year I am kicking off the season with Yule Tides. It’s a sweet story about two lonely souls that find the greatest gift of all – Love. Of course they go through quite a bit to realize that but as my mama likes to say. anything worth having is worth fighting for. To celebrate I have 4 Blown Glass Christmas ornaments of an angel carrying a tree I would like to give away to readers. To be entered to win all you have to do is tell me the name of Seth’s daughter. Leave the answer in comments. My son will pick out the 4 winners on on 12/13. Below is a picture of the ornament and unde that is the blurb and excerpt to Yule Tides.

1468816_632714806781463_933539552_n Blurb~

Finding the strength to live is hard, but learning to accept a second chance at love can be trickier.

Seth Mathews is a single dad with his hands full juggling a precocious daughter, keeping his commercial fishing boat afloat, and staying out of the clutches of every single woman determined to end his bachelorhood status—including the ex-wife who walked out on him. Then his little girl mentions the sad woman at the pier who always stares out at the ocean.

Three years ago, Mona Lisa Murphy lost her entire family in a fatal car accident at Christmas time. Observing life as opposed to living it, she now questions her existence daily…until a sexy fisherman and his bright daughter come along.

Seth wants to show Mona the joys of living. She simply wants to be left alone. Their battle of wills clash head-on, but then an unexpected turn of events gives them a Christmas miracle neither expected.

Yule-Tides-Full-Name-on-bottomExcerpt ~

“Mona.” Seth let his voice drop an octave.

Mona stared at Vicki then turned her gaze to Seth. He met her look and was taken by the intensity he saw in the chocolate depths of her eyes. Seth hoped she saw the sincerity in his and would play along.

She grasped Vicki’s hand in a quick shake before pulling it away. “Hello”

Seth kept Mona clamped to his side as he eased around his ex-wife. “If you’ll excuse us, we had plans for the day. I’m sure you haven’t forgotten your way to my mom’s house. I’ll give her a call if you’re going to stop by and pick up Tia.”

Vicki waved her hand. “I’ll collect her on my next visit.” She directed her next question at Mona. “I have to say I’m surprised. How long have you and Seth been dating?”

“Umm.” Mona sucked her bottom lip between her teeth.

“I mean, I find it funny no one mentioned you, and I visit our daughter frequently, yet I don’t remember ever seeing you.”

Seth quickly interjected. “For Tia’s sake, we’ve been keeping our relationship quiet. But that’s all about to change.”

“You have?” Vicki’s voice held a thread of disbelief.

“It is?” Mona’s tone held confusion.

“Yeah.” An impromptu plan formed in Seth’s head. He faced Mona, taking both of her hands within his before dropping down on one knee. “I know it’s only been a few months, but I have never felt this way about another woman. I can’t sleep when you’re not next to me. My day isn’t right until we’ve had a chance to talk. It boggles my mind to feel this strongly in so short a time, but I don’t want to spend another minute without screaming to the world at the top of my lungs that you’re mine. Marry me?”

Vicki’s mouth fell open. She promptly shut it before speaking, “No fucking way!”

Mona looked at him and spoke at the same time, “Come again?”

He winked.

A thwack drew his attention, and he looked past Vicki’s legs. His mother, sister, daughter, and two nieces stared at him. A busted bag with a greasy outline rested by his mom’s feet. Things had just got interesting but there was no turning back now.

His mother blinked several times. “Is that the cra—”

Sarah interrupted their mama. “Well shut the fuc-front door!”

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**Contest** Let’s Celebrate the release of Hiss!

Hellooo Friends.

His time has come…

Yes Jamison’s story is finally here and let me tell you, those peeps there. That couple took me on one hell of a roller coaster ride. I saw sides of that snake that cannot be unseen. *SMH* Any who – so me and the boys got to talking. Hiss is the 5th book out in the Pack Rulez series and they wanted to celebrate. I have to say it got a little tense for a minute when the Alpha’s from Betaille couldn’t agree with my fella’s from Volkshire.  And of course Jamison didn’t help by adding his two cents by saying that technically since it was his book maybe the info should reflect his clutch. Sorry I got ahead of myself. The guys agreed that t-shirts with their emblems was the way to go. The want to be able to recognize the non-shifting members of their clans. Volkshire, Betaille, Rattler, Eagle, they are opening up their world to us and I’m so excited I can’t wait to see where they take us next.

On that note I broke the stalemate. Volkshire is the first up to show off their emblems. Four claw marks, hey my boys like it simple. They also like plain colors, white, black and navy. There are four shirts to give a way and the contest will close on Monday evening. To e entered to win all you have to do is answer one question. Here’s the shirt by the way.

1384067_616995378353406_594893291_nReady? How does Seri know Boris?  Leave your answer in comments to be entered into the drawing to win.

In the mean time here is Hiss



Jamison Conda wanted a mate. Too bad as the newest member of the Shifter Council, he could no longer allocate time to finding one. Until he ran into his ex-lover and her child.

Marree Cottons is a shifter who cannot shift. Years ago she left the Constrictor Clutch with a secret. One she’d hoped to hide. Burdened with the knowledge she has a mate who doesn’t want her, she thrives as the town vet in Betaille.

But when Jamison arrives in town, old feelings resurface. Keeping her secret may be harder than she thought.

Back to Back Releases! A little something for everyone.

I love to write. The idea of creating new worlds and populating them with people makes me happy.  I can sit all day talking to the characters getting to to know them. They become family. In my mind each book is part of the same universe just a different planet. My shifters all reside one place where as my contemporaries live someplace else.  Their one commonality is they are in my head and they can get very chatty. *So if you see me in the street talking to myself…pay me no attention because I’m probably talking to one of my peeps* Whoo, back in the day someone would have had me committed to the crazy house. LOL! Good thing my family understands.  So, getting back to the title. The folks of Pack Rulez are always talking to me, the Alphas whispering to me why they should be next to find a mate.  I don’t mind after all the fellas are bad.

In the latest book we meet Etienne, a good ole Cajun with his heart set on Sasha, a Volkshire sentry. Watch the sparks fly as their story unfolds…did I mention he was a gator.


Etienne Mouton is Alpha to the American Alligator Set. As part of the pact with the Volkshire Pack, they will be exchanging sentinels in an ongoing training program. He never expected the first guard to arrive in Betaille to be his mate or that she could get in so much trouble.

Sasha was taken in by the Volkshire Pack at the lowest point in her life. She owes them. So when they ask her to do a little spying on their new partners, she has no problem with that. She never expected to become entangled in their community or meet a gator that miraculously appears whenever she finds herself in trouble.

The agreement forged between Volkshire and Betaille will be beneficial to both parties, but to have Sasha, Etienne is willing to sever any alliance.

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So on the other hand, I have another release and these peeps have been talking to me for a while. I simply couldn’t ignore them anymore. They led me down a rather twisted road and convinced me to write my first erotic horror. I know what your thinking…it’s not gory. This book is more along the line of those great classics, spine tingling suspense.  It was a long time coming but I finally got their story told and even I had to sit back and say whoa.  Join Paul and Malia as they fight to unravel a mystery only to wind up as part of the plot in Making Monsters.

Maaking Monsters2x3

Healthy men are dying…

Malia Shelly, a Viksburg CSU team leader, is simply doing her job when she makes a connection between the murder cases. After digging a little deeper, she discovers that every man killed has one or more missing body parts.

Paul Egan, assistant coroner, has been assigned to autopsy each body. When he signs off on their release paperwork, they leave his unit whole. They’re not arriving at their destinations that way. He enlists Malia’s help to quietly investigate the deaths.

Bad things can happen when you get too close to someone’s secret and a coincidence puts them in the lair of a serial killer. Now the couple must fight to stay alive in a chamber of horrors and there is only way to stop the carnage. Get free and expose the murderous psychopath hiding in plain sight.

Death is not an option.

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So you see this is why I write. Gotta give those folks in my head a voice and now I must head back into me closet because someone else has decided now is the perfect time to talk over coffee no less. Catch y’all later. Until then, Kass.

The strength of Stone.

I did some thinking about my newest hero. Some of you may recognize him from Rogue Dragon.  Stone Guardian is Timur’s story and its about the strides he makes to help a friend and the lengths he’ll go to protect his mate even if she is also a woman born of the enemy.  To me that is what a hero is. The man that will be your refuge during the many storms life can and will throw at you.  The funny thing in the book was Ember didn’t readily recognize what she had and when she did…well. I’ll let you read the story. When I typed “The End” I had to sit back and say “Well damn.” As I’ve said in the past I love all my hero’s and shero’s but Timur, he exudes a quiet strength I hadn’t anticipated during the writing of this book. I’ll let you be the judge :) here’s a taste with the blurb and excerpt. Talk to you later. Kass

K_Stone Guardian_300x450

Myths are real…

Ember Tituba was thrust into a world where people and predators live, work, and play together. Most humans don’t realize that. She needs to focus on her surroundings and not the beast disguised as a sexy man.

Timur Fortescue prefers a low key lifestyle but in battle, he used his body as a shield to save Ember. Lately, all his thoughts center on her. When a deadly foe threatens them, Timur makes the decision to show her exactly what he is and how lethal he can be.

A Gargoyle will kill to keep his mate safe.

Warning: This book contains a sexy stone shifter and a sarcastic heroine determined to make it without his help. He brings new meaning to the words bump and grind.


Her feet touched down on a rooftop and she took in their surroundings. An abundance of plants covered the space and a triangular shaped pane of windows rose up from the center of the expanse. Tucked in among the greenery were full size statues of gargoyles, and each wore a different expression. Chairs and tables were spread out giving the place a homey feel. She circled the garden roof top, trailed her fingers across the furniture, and dropped her shoes.

“Where are we?” Ember stopped to study one of the many statues. She rested her arm on its shoulder and tilted her head toward it. “A cousin?”

“You are full of jokes, aren’t you? No, a diversion. This is my home and if anyone should ever find it…well, my enemies will have a hard time trying to figure out exactly which one I am.”

“You rent the roof?”

“I own the building.”


“What, no snappy comeback?”

Ember moved to another section of the garden. “I got nothing. Every time I think I have you figured out, you surprise me.”

His smile made her heart beat so fast she felt it in her throat. She rubbed her palms together and turned to walk down another little trail. Pebbles bit into the soles of her feet as she followed the meandering path. Ember ended up where she started and found Timur leaning back in a patio chair facing a fire pit.

“Finished stalling?” he inquired as he lit a match and flicked it into the wide clay bowl.

“I was checking out my surroundings.”

“Uh-huh. What’s the real reason you wanted to come on this trip, Ember?” He pinned her in his unrelenting green gaze.

She resisted the urge to squirm. “You honestly want to know?”

“I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t.”

Ember strolled up to him, placing herself directly in front of Timur. She combed the errant red strands hanging over his forehead away from his face. Sliding her fingers down his temple, she realized his skin was smooth and cool to the touch. “Why are you always cold?”

She swallowed when his lips lifted in a self-deprecating half-smile. He wrapped his fingers around her wrist and pulled her hand away. “I’m a granite beast, Ember, my soul froze a long time ago.”

“Then it’s time to get you warm, Timur. I originally came because I wanted to help. Synda is my best friend, closer to me than my actual family, not that I have any left. But I did have an ulterior motive.”

“Honestly Ember, what is it with you and Synda dragging things out? Tell me why you’re here and get it over with.” He released her arm.

She hiked her skirt up and crawled into his lap, settling her calves outside his thighs. “Isn’t it obvious?”

“No, spell it out and put it in terms I understand.”

“I want you.”

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Fangs is on the Prowl!

Myka’s story is here in vibrant black and white. The book actually released on 7/13 from Sugar and Spice Press but won’t officially hit Amazon and other third parties until 7/18.

I have to tell ya. I’m a little sad to see the last brother happily mated off. Don’t get me wrong I’m ecstatic that they are now all claimed and good stuff but my guys held a special place in my heart. I mean these men were rugged and possessive and flat out all Alpha. I actually despaired as I started Fangs. I did not want to let these fellas go.

A funny thing happened though as I wrote Fangs. Tee, Myka’s mate introduced me to a whole new world of shifters. I mean she put me out there and I got to party with her Cajun cousins.  Her mama and I had a long conversation about Myka and the woman showed me baby pics. Tee was a cute little snake. Sint added in her 2 cent of course and I about fell out my chair as I wrote THE END.  I didn’t realize I was that lose to even finishing the book.  So many new shifters stopped by to say hi and introduce themselves. It was phenomenal.

As I close the chapters on the Blaidd brothers, I am opening new one into the parish township of Betaille and a few folks are whispering something about an even bigger world. Now I have no clue where this is going but I plan to write it out and see where these lovely people take me starting with Claws. But that is a blog for another day. In the mean time check out Myka and how he tames a pit viper named Tee in Fangs.


Blurb ~

Tee Cottons is the sentinel sent from another clan to help protect the humans of the Volkshire pack. As a guardian, she knows what to do. She’s done it a thousand times before only she never had to deal with a potential mate hovering in the shadows…talk about distractions.

Myka Blaidd is comfortable keeping to the pack’s fringes as Ambassador for Volkshire. Considered the most reasonable of the three brothers, he is efficient in handling volatile situations, and then he meets Tee. Her scent evokes powerful feelings he must deny. With war looming, he has to keep a level head–until Tee is threatened. Now he will show everyone just how deadly he can be because for her he is willing to lose everything.

Excerpt ~

Myka reached over the driver’s seat and handed Keen the bottle of juice he’d purchased at the rest stop. He glanced over at Tee, her profile stark against the moving landscape beyond the window. The long column of her neck made him want to trace the length of it with his tongue. Her scent had been teasing him for hours and although he’d been angry at Keen for sneaking into the truck and tagging along, it now felt more like a blessing in disguise.

Short of sticking his head out the window, he hadn’t been able to escape the fruity smell. What the hell did she do, bath in coconut oil? As they drove further south, the heat index rose, amplifying her scent. Warm air blew through the window. Myka released another button on his shirt, sweat rolled down between his shoulder blades. He glanced at the air-conditioner controls. A flip of the switch and he could aim the vent his way, blowing away Tee’s enticing odor while allowing him to revel in blessed cool air. He lifted his hand and dropped it.

Tee liked the heat, might actually need it. As a reptile shifter her core body temperature was lower than normal. He noticed at the house how she always wore leather or additional clothing. Sometimes he would watch the way she would stand in the middle of the yard and raise her face toward the sun for a few minutes from his bedroom window.

His gaze returned to the woman at the wheel, she was singing along with some song on the radio and bobbing her head to the beat. He could feel his cock getting hard and all he was doing was staring at her lips. By the supple way she moved them as she quietly sang the words, he could almost feel them traveling across his body. He wiggled in his seat and pushed the button to lower the window, forgetting the glass could move no further.

Huge cypress trees in the algae rich canals blurred as they zipped by . Every now and then he would catch a spume as something slipped back into the water. He was out of his element and far from the Smoky Mountains he called home. Myka wouldn’t discount the fact he was sleep deprived since he and Tee had decided to drive straight through to the little town she was taking him too.

The SUV they were using ate up the miles until the white lines that divided the highway connected to form one long, continuous streak. He wiped a palm down his face and realized he hadn’t shaved. Sweat dampened his hand and he wiped it across the leg of his jeans. Keen had given up his fight with the heat hours ago and tugged his T-shirt off. Tee took a tight turn and he slammed into the door. No longer on the interstate, they rode along a gravel road surrounded by swamp on both sides with no guardrails to protect them from falling into the water if they had an accident.

Keen leaned forward. “How much longer?”

Tee looked up into the rearview mirror and smiled. The tips of her incisors were just visible beneath her lips. “Not much further. Betaille is just up ahead.”

“Are there kids there?”

“Yeah. Lots of them. Don’t worry, you’ll have fun.”

“Will they make fun of me?” He scooted back in his seat.

“What do you mean, little man?” She glanced at Myka, her brows knitted together.

Myka twisted in his seat. “I will eat anyone that teases you.” He snapped his teeth together and Keen giggled. Myka turned his head to look at Tee. “There were a few problems with other shifter children during the spring term of school.”

“Oh.” Tee made funny little movements with her mouth, looking at his nephew through the rearview mirror. “Keen, my cousins have had their own issues with ignorant folks. They welcome people without a care as to what they are or who they come from. Trust me when I tell you my kin is a little different.”

“Really?” Keen’s voice perked up.

“Most definitely.” Tee sighed.

“Is there a problem?” Myka studied her expression and she looked less than enthusiastic about the trip.

“No, not at all. I just don’t want you to be surprised.”

“Why would I be surprised? Is there something you’re not telling me?” Discomfort slithered down his spine.

“Not exactly.” She tightened her grip on the steering wheel.

“Why don’t I like the sound of that?”

“Look, it was the only way I could get Aunt Sint to agree to talk to Uncle Percel.”

“How, Gertrudis? Exactly how did you arrange this meeting?”

She pressed her lips together, took another turn, and the road widened. Shotgun houses flanked them. A few people lifted their hands in welcome. Tee smiled and furiously waved back. She halted at the stop sign and a tractor drove by.

He could no longer resist and traced the curve of her check with his index finger. “Tell me.”

She remained silent and pulled off when the farm equipment was clear. Tee drove onto a winding dirt road and pulled to a stop in a cul-de-sac. She threw the door open and slid out of the driver’s seat. The back door was slammed and Myka glanced back to see Keen standing close to the vehicle, looking around him curiously. There were only a few vehicles parked in the clearing. Myka sighed and eased his door open. He stepped out and stretched. Laughter drew his attention to the four houses sitting on stilts that formed a half circle. Beyond the houses, he could see a hint of water. Between two of the houses children were rolling around in the mud. One child rose up from the middle and he was reminded of an old sci-fi movie.

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Rogue Dragon is out!

People often ask me how I come up with my ideas and I often answer, no clue. They sort of just hit me. Today I sat down at my desk and stared at my computer. I was waiting for the spark of inspiration. Honestly, I don’t know where the thoughts come from. In my minds eye I see them as threads sorta free floating in my head and I simply reach out and yank one. After that, it’s like watching a movie. I see the scenes I just add the dialogue.

Which brings me to Rogue Dragon, the spark actually came from a children’s book  my son borrowed from his schools library. The what if’s started and before long I was researching everything dragon. Hence the book was born. But it doesn’t stop there. No! Of course not. You see I had gotten my hands on quite a bit of information and even though it started with dragons it was all about myths and legends. Those threads in my head were all over the place and the series Shifter Legends emerged. It starts with a dragon but let me warn you the winding story with it’s bends and curves will not end with one. Okay, well, maybe…I don’t know yet. That’s the pantser in me but n the mean time enjoy the ride cause these books may get a little bumpy…

Please allow me to introduce you to Kirill and Synda.

K_Rogue Dragon_200x300

Blurb ~

Synda Supreme has known all her life she was a dragon…sort of. The love child of a human mother and dragon father, she’s maintained the secret and lived as a human never realizing that her last name is actually a title.

Until she met another dragon.

Kirill Kavinkovy knew nothing of the woman he was sent to kill but one look at her and he kidnaps her instead–unwittingly setting off a series of events that will change the dragon clans forever.

With her he could rule a nation.

Excerpt ~

“Do you have a phone, slaa dast?” Kirill inquired.

“Possibly. What are you calling me?”

“An endearment, sweetness, nothing more. The phone?”

“Well let’s see, I may have one but some dumb dragon decided to snatch me off the street so it’s very possible that anything I had on me may have dropped into the whatever.” Her voice rose as she spoke.

“Are you always so pro teev a pa lawzh nee? Umm, contrary.” He chuckled. “You should be afraid of me yet you sit here and argue with me.”

She waved her hand around. “Please. I have dealt with male shifters most of my life and I have handled the biggest, baddest male dragon yet. So you, well, you’re just a little lizard compared to him.”

Her words cut the tenuous tether he had on his beast. At her admission to dealing with other men he felt an urgent need to claim her. His animal snapped its jaws, anxious to be free. His body heated up, he could feel beads of sweat beginning to pepper his face as he became hotter than normal faster than usual. Steam rose around him and through the mist, he thought he saw the brief look of panic cross her face.

Kirill moved to his knees and crawled closer to Synda. She scrambled back. He’d had no idea how cold she was until he looked at her though his dragon’s insight. Where her body should have been red she was blue almost to her core. His anger dissipated. First he needed to warm her then he needed to spank her.

“Are you scared now?” His voice was guttural and he smiled to show her his sharp row of teeth.

She lifted her chin. “Nope.” She raised her hands and held them a few inches apart. “Like I said why would I fear a wurm?” She widened the space to the width of the crater his body had created. “When I have had to deal with a dragon like this?”

The insult was too much. He pounced, covering her with his body as his momentum thrust her against the back wall with a hollow thud. She’d leveraged her legs between them and caught him in the gut with her feet driving him back. His legs hit the packed snow and ice cut into his knees as he slid back to the other end of the pit. He stared at her and noticed how her color was improving as she returned his gaze through narrowed eyes.

“I may not be a full-blooded dragon but I know how this goes. You want me, you have to fight me. Understand this, I will not go down easy.” Synda panted.

Laughter rippled through him a rusty sound that erupted past his lips. “You have been taught well our ways, slaa dast, but your education regarding our mating rituals is lacking. I don’t have to fight you, why would I hurt a woman I want? No, mahtyeh. Mate, I only have to make you want to submit to me.”

She snickered. “Yeah, good luck with that.”

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Welcome to your next stop on Decadent Publishing’s Blog Tour with LaVerne Thompson!

Hi, my name is LaVerne Thompson. I also write romantic suspense as Ursula Sinclair and I’m happy to be here today as part of Decadent Publishing’s A Buck A Book Win A Nook blog tour.


I thought I’d introduce you to River Blu. In her own words.

Well hello everyone. My name’s River Blu and I’m a mega rock/pop star or so the tabloids say. *shrugs* Personally I’m just me. Don’t get me wrong I can be the diva of all divas too. And I seem to be acting like that more and more around a certain bodyguard, my nemesis, Noah Lorren, childhood best friend, love of my life. *snorts* But he hates me now and after what I did, who can really blame him. So I act up to get a reaction from him, but all he cares about is putting himself between me and harm. When I’d rather he puts himself between something else. *sighs* I’m not a fool. I care about my life and know some nut job is trying to scare me. Yet the thing I fear most is after the crazed fan is caught, Noah walking away from me again. I can’t let that happen. He loved me once. I need him to love me again.


Something Blue- The Guardian Agency Series Book 2

By Ursula Sinclair


What happens when dreams come true, but it’s not all it was supposed to be?

River Blu’s music has made her the stuff of legend, she’s every bit a rock star who dominates the pop charts. But through the years a secret haunts her, making it impossible to give her heart to anyone or anything other than her music.

When River’s life is in danger she turns to Noah for help. They have a history together, one he’d like to repeat, with a different ending. But first he has to figure out who from her past is trying to kill her.


LaVerne Thompson is the author of several works in the contemporary, fantasy and sci/fi genres. She also writes romantic suspense with an edge under her alter ego Ursula Sinclair. She loves to hear from readers.